Acacetin: The Most Powerful Natural Aromatase Inhibitor Ever?

A vibrant yellow flower with five petals surrounded by green leaves contains acacetin.

Aromatase inhibitors like acacetin play a crucial role in improving testosterone levels in men. Aromatase is the enzyme responsible for converting androgens into estrogens. Androgen is the male hormones while estrogen is the female hormones. But what is acacetin? And where can you find this enzyme inhibitor? Below, find out why the said compound is one of the most effective natural aromatase inhibitors available today. Also, discover its benefits as well as its side effects on your health.

Estrogen Detox: Reverse Andropause & Bring Your Manhood Back

Three stages of male fitness: lifting weights while slim, toned with defined muscles amidst an estrogen detox, and overweight holding a dumbbell.

Estrogen, or oestrogen, is an essential hormone in female fertility. But, men have it too; and it’s linked to a healthy male reproductive system. However, having excess estrogen in both men and women can cause health issues linked to diseases such as the below. This is where estrogen detox can be helpful.

Green Tea for Testosterone: Friends or Foes?

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Despite the numerous perks associated with green tea testosterone booster isn’t among them. And that’s quite surprising given that the beverage is considered by many as some sort of life-giving elixir. For those aiming for weight loss, green tea helps block an enzyme that breaks down dietary fat. The popular drink likewise inhibits another enzyme responsible for norepinephrine degradation.

DHEA Test: Purpose & How Does It Help You

Three DHEA test tubes lying on a laboratory report.

​Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is a hormone produced by our adrenal glands. It serves as the precursor to testosterone and estrogen—and interestingly, many health enthusiasts choose to get a DHEA test. ​Since DHEA is a precursor of testosterone and estrogen, men and women can do with just checking their estrogen and testosterone levels, right? Well, it turns out you would really have to get tested because…

White Button Mushrooms Extract: A Recipe to Lower Estrogen Levels

Fresh white button mushrooms in a bowl.

Not only is this mushroom cheap, safe and readily available; when they are consumed in more substantial amounts on a daily basis, they can efficiently decrease levels of estrogen and help boost testosterone levels.

Estradiol Level in Men: Check Yourself If You Have These Nasty Symptoms

The word "estradiol" is written on a piece of paper, indicating hormone levels.

We’ve always had this notion that estrogen is for women as testosterone is for men. However, recent studies on estradiol level in men show that both hormones are considered important for both genders. Your estradiol level can greatly influence your wellness. Low levels have been proven to cause osteoporosis while high levels can increase the risk of cancer, arterial plaque, and prostatitis. This means that the levels of estradiol in your body should hit the Goldilocks zone – the “just right​” zone. But before we discuss what level of estradiol you should maintain in your body, let’s learn more about this hormone.

Anastrozole Arimidex for Men: Say Goodbye to Unwanted Estrogen

A close-up of a person's hand reaching for a dumbbell with another individual, possibly on Anastrozole Arimidex therapy for Men, exercising in the background at a gym.

Here’s one intriguing question that’s probably in your mind right now: why would someone take Anastrozole Arimidex for men? Well, to put it simply, it’s a safe way to reduce elevated estrogen levels. Most men are not aware that their bodies also produce estrogen, which is traditionally seen as a female hormone. In fact, women and men have both testosterone and estrogen in their bodies; the only difference is the level of each. However, as you’d expect, there needs to be a balance between testosterone and estrogen – otherwise, it can have negative effects on a person’s health.

DIM for Men: Diindolylmethane, a Unique Testosterone Supplement

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When thinking of natural ways to increase your testosterone levelsDIM for men is definitely one of the first things that come to mind. However, if you’re thinking that DIM is a perfect solution given its popularity,  you might be surprised with what you’re about to read.

5 Best Pregnenolone Creams: The Ideal Way to Boost Hormone Levels

Man sleeping peacefully in bed with the best Pregnenolone cream by his side.

With the variety of brands and types available in the market, it can be confusing to find the best pregnenolone cream for your needs; that’s why we came up with this article to help you in this dilemma.