Iodine & Testosterone: The Relationship Between The Two

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Are you taking enough iodine? Testosterone levels, after all, can be negatively affected whenever you’re not getting enough of this common yet often overlooked mineral. And don’t forget that today’s lifestyle drastically reduces testosterone. For example, the food we eat could contain compounds that hinder the production of this male hormone.

What Does Testosterone Do: A Deeper Look Into the Hormone

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Testosterone is part of a group of hormones called androgens – the kind of hormones that regulate the development of male characteristics in humans. Special cells called Leydig cells in the testes are mainly responsible for testosterone production. What does testosterone do?

CBD for Depression: Does It Have Any Benefits?

CBD for Depression cbd and Depression

Depression has become so prevalent in modern society that we can even call it an epidemic. Cases of depression and how it has ruined lives can be seen all over the news and social media. The situation is becoming rather alarming, which is why people are starting to look into unconventional solutions such as CBD for depression. Despite its prevalence, there are still a lot more to be discovered about depression. There are numerous theories in medical research to its cause, from inflammation to malfunctioning gene expressions.

CBD Dosage: Here’s What You Need to Know

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CBD hemp oil comes from the industrial hemp plant that is produced solely for pharmaceutical and industrial reasons. In this article, you will know about CBD Dosage. Also, there have been numerous studies that have proven CBD’s pharmaceutical effects on. Because of these medical benefits, there has been a push to make medical marijuana legal. But because this is an entirely new field of study, many doctors aren’t very eager to prescribe cannabis oil.

Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil: The Issue and Why It Matters

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If you’ve been taking marijuana for more than a month, whether for medical or recreational reasons, you may have heard of the hemp oil vs CBD oil debate. As the cultivation and usage of medical marijuana is now legalized in several countries, it’s not surprising to see issues involving the numerous products derived from the cannabis plant.

CBD Oil for Neuropathy: Fighting Pain Without Medication

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Is there any benefit to taking CBD oil for neuropathy? Well, before answering that question, let’s talk about what CBD actually is first, and how pain management by taking CBD oil can be the next best thing to possibly curing neuropathy pain. First things first, cannabidiol oil is not marijuana. CBD (cannabidiol) is a Cannabis product without the psychoactive effects of marijuana on the human nervous system, and it’s actually proven by medical research to aid in treating neuropathic pain.

Red Light Therapy & Testosterone: A Natural Solution to Low Testosterone Levels

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Red light therapy testosterone is one of the least known natural remedies for low testosterone levels in men. However, it provides benefits to men’s health because it is generally safer and more effective compared to other light therapies. To remove those dangerous effects of other light wavelengths, we should instead focus on the red light. In this article, you will discover the curative mechanisms of the red light therapy and its benefits to you, especially to your testosterone levels.

Organic CBD Oil: Complete Buyer’s Guide

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Hemp plant extracts are gaining popularity in recent years and for good reason – it has benefits for mental and physical well-being. And so far, organic cbd oil is the most promising. The use of hemp products has been stigmatized because of medical marijuana’s legal status. Though lately, it has been proven that not all substances found in marijuana can make you high.

8 Benefits of Pull-Ups: Definitely Worth the Challenge

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The pull-up is often seen as an intimidating exercise by beginners in resistance training. But, with the numerous benefits of pull-ups, any difficulty or embarrassment you might experience at the beginning shouldn’t really matter. Here’s why you should add the pull-up to your strength training program.