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Growth hormone and testosterone: working in synergy

Human growth hormone (HGH), along with testosterone, is essential in maintaining overall health in men. Both of these can be manipulated for specific purposes: for example, to enhance sports performance in athletes and to bring back youthful vigor in aging men.

While men have the ability to produce both hormones naturally, many still resort to using steroids and other performance enhancers. This is especially true for athletes who want to gain an extra edge over their competitors. But note that taking synthetic hormonal replacements, especially in ridiculous amounts, is always dangerous.

Unfortunately, some athletes are willing to have their health compromised in their bid to get ahead of the competition.

Why you need to increase your hormone levels a natural and safe way

Keep in mind that the use of synthetic hormones and illegal substances has been linked to heart problems, mood disorders, and many other health issues.

What’s even worse is that some people don’t know it's totally possible to reach peak performance even without resorting to performance enhancing drugs or synthetic hormonal replacements. Yes, there is a way to maximize your hormones the natural way.

We understand people’s need to be the best, but we don’t want you to fall prey to the perils of illegal substances. You can become the best version of yourself without putting any harmful chemicals in your body.

How to increase growth hormone levels naturally

The key to optimizing your growth hormone and testosterone is knowing how they work in synergy. After all, they are two of the most important hormones in building muscle. And when it comes to muscle building, testosterone is king.

But the thing is, testosterone cannot cause the body to build fresh muscle cells, unlike growth hormone. This is why they are good together. Some of the benefits of having high levels of growth hormone and testosterone are enhanced muscle strength and endurance, as well as increased energy levels and sex drive.

Below are a few effective ways to naturally increase your testosterone and growth hormone. All of them have been proven to work.

  • Do compound exercises. With compound exercises, you engage different muscle groups. Doing so tells your body to release chemicals to repair microtears, which is a process that is essential in bodybuilding. Examples of compound exercises include barbell squats, barbell deadlift, and dumbbell lunges.
  • Do progressive resistance training. The positive effects of progressive resistance training on growth hormone and testosterone levels is well documented. This typeof training regimen can be done in different ways depending on your goal. The idea is to increase the number of weight, reps, or sets as you progress.
  • Enjoy a warm bath. Immersing yourself in warm water whether half or full-body triggers the release of growth hormone.
  • Have a good night’s sleep. Huge amounts of growth hormone is secreted when we are deep in our sleep. The next time you face the dilemma of choosing between work or sleep, you know what to do.

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