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Everything You Need to Know About the Precursor Hormone Called Pregnenolone and Its Importance in Men’s Health

As you grow old, your body begins to decline. Good thing there are hormone supplements to restore your vitality, improve cognitive function, boost sex drive, and increase muscle strength.

Pregnenolone is the precursor hormone to many hormones in the body, which means that hormones, at one point, were in the form of this compound. Hormone supplements help increase hormone production while improving overall health.

Pregnenolone is a chemical that is naturally produced by the human body. However, with modern medical technology, this parent steroid hormone can now be developed in laboratories. In the US, people are now using it to treat certain conditions and as a testosterone supplement.

The body uses this hormone to create steroid hormones. With its sulfate, it becomes an excitatory neurosteroid that stimulates the brain.

Elderly men, especially those with memory issues like dementia, tend to have lower blood level of pregnenolone. Some studies are looking into pregnenolone supplementation in order to treat Alzheimer’s disease.

Note that as a precursor hormone, not only does it boost the levels of male hormone in your bloodstream. It is also needed in the production of the female hormones such as estrogens, and other important hormones like progestogens and androgens.

Enhanced Libido and Better Sex Hormones Production

Being the precursor hormone, pregnenolone increases hormone production in the male body. Its ability to ensure healthier production of sex hormones, thereby optimizing DHT and testosterone levels, helps boost sex drive.

As you age, your natural production of hormones, muscle strength, and bone density declines. Having a quality supplement can help you slow down aging and mitigate the effects of low testosterone levels.

Generally, pregnenolone is available in 10 to 30 milligrams. You can take one capsule in the morning and one in the afternoon. However, 5 milligrams of this hormone supplement is enough for daily intake.

Other Health Benefits of Taking Pregnenolone Supplement in Men

Despite the potential increase of anxiety and sleep issues for some, there are significant health benefits that you can enjoy after taking this men’s supplement.

The Drawbacks You Need to Know About

Every substance has potential side effects. Since the body is using this hormone to create steroid hormones, expect to have some side effects such as aggression, thicker facial hair growth, and over-stimulation. It can also potentially reduce wakefulness.

If the side effects are bothering you, it’s good to lower your daily dose intake of pregnenolone supplement.

Therefore, taking pregnenolone supplement is important to achieve healthy production of hormones in the body. If you’re in your 40s and you’re taking 5 to 10 milligrams a day, you can take a break of one week or couple of weeks every month to avoid negative effects.

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