Articles on Micronutrients

Micronutrients, as in vitamins and minerals, can be seen as the essential building blocks the body needs to maintain proper metabolic functioning. For example Magnesium alone is required to support over 300 different processes in the body!

The human body is an incredibly complex machine and science is still far from uncovering the secret of how it all works yet. What is sure however is that such a complex system of processes requires quality fuel, and that comes in the form of energy (calories) as well as all the essential vitamins and minerals to support its tasks.

Examples of processes that requires adequate micronutrients are things such as sperm production, hair growth, deep sleep, thyroid energy production and of course testosterone synthesis. If you’re lacking in some micronutrients then you run the risk of impairing some of these processes.

Here’s are some examples of the powers of micronutrients:

*Clinical research to back up these claims can also be found in the individual articles for each topic.

In the articles below we examine the importance of different micronutrients to maintain a healthy body as a man:

Articles about Micronutrients