Ginger Sex Benefits for Men: Harder Performance & More Stamina Naturally

Two adults sharing an intimate moment under a white blanket, their ginger hair intertwining.

People have been using ginger to solve gastrointestinal issues for thousands of years. While it’s also popular for its anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antioxidant, and analgesic properties, apparently, it’s the ginger sex benefits that gets a lot of attention.

Garlic Benefits for Sex, Erectile Function, and Libido

Close-up of a person biting into a clove of garlic, highlighting its benefits for sex.

Have you heard of the garlic benefits for sex? This is one of the many benefits that you can get from ingesting 2 cloves of this herb per day. Garlic is dubbed as a natural antibiotic. Studies show that it is effective against bacteria and other microbes. Note however, that it is not the only natural antibiotic out there. Oregano, thyme, myrrh, and honey also have antibiotic properties as well. That means they can inhibit the growth as well as kill bacteria.

Onion Benefits for Men: Epic Perks worth Crying For?

Assorted vegetables, highlighting the benefits of red onions for men, on a wooden surface.

Onions are a staple food in most kitchens, and you may even have onions in your grocery list. But have you ever heard about the massive onion benefits for men this veggie packs? It’s a rich source of fiber, antioxidants, and other healthy compounds that boost your health. But that’s not all! Some studies suggest onions may enhance your performance during your most intimate encounters. Here are some of the biggest benefits you can get from eating more onions.

Epiandrosterone: Everything You Need to Know Before Trying It Out

Man with arms crossed in front of a chalkboard with drawn muscular arms, alluding to the effects of Epiandrosterone.

There’s a fresh generation of prohormones for muscle and strength gains. One of them is Epiandrosterone (short name: Epi-Andro). Due to its ability to increase blood testosterone levels, experts say that Epi-Andro is ideal for cutting extra fat and increasing muscle mass the natural way.

Testosterone Diet: Your Eating Plan for Supreme T Levels

Muscular man holding a bag of vegetables against a dark background as part of his testosterone diet.

Those after impressive muscle and great strength will have to contend with the daunting obstacle of increasing the intense hormone called testosterone. Aside from working out and drinking supplements, the most helpful plan of action to achieve this would be to go on the Testosterone Diet.

Bulgarian Tribulus: The Lowdown On What It’s Good For And What It’s Not

A yellow Bulgarian Tribulus flower amidst green foliage with dew drops on the leaves.

Bulgarian Tribulus, also known as Tribulus Terrestris, is an herb native to the warm temperate and tropical regions of southern Europe, southern Asia, Africa, and Australia. This herb can grow in poor soil and desert climates. Unfortunately, the spiels in these advertising campaigns resulted to confusion and misinformation about the herb. This article will set things straight, tackling the most common of these claims so you can decide if the Bulgarian Tribulus is for you.

Keto & Testosterone: Read This Before Starting Your Ketogenic Diet

Ketogenic diet concept with a Keto Testosterone macronutrient chart and high-fat foods on a wooden table.

The ketogenic diet can potentially boost your testosterone levels naturally. Exercising can get you far, but a high-fat, low-carb, and adequate protein diet can optimize your body to produce keto testosterone. This regimen can also increase the levels of sex hormone binding globulin—SHBG—and androgens—male sex hormones in your body.

DHEA Bodybuilding: Are the Gains Worth the Risk?

Muscular man lifting dumbbells in a gym, focusing on DHEA bodybuilding.

​Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is a hormone naturally produced by our bodies. Because of the testosterone-producing function of DHEA bodybuilding circles and manufacturers view exogenous products as a way to boost testosterone levels. ​Well, don’t be too hasty to assume that you can effortlessly increase your testosterone levels by taking bodybuilding supplements loaded with DHEA.To determine if this perspective has any ground, we must first learn about the intricacies of DHEA supplementation.