Soy and Testosterone: Does It Really Kill Your T?

Glass of soy milk linked to Testosterone studies, with a bowl of soybeans on a wooden surface.

There are lots of food and natural supplements that can improve men’s fitness and performance by boosting the male hormone. Soy and testosterone, however, isn’t a combination that many consider beneficial. Soy foods have been under a lot of flak lately due to recent proof of it being detrimental to hormonal balance. Even the term “soy boy” has emerged to make fun of effeminate men. So, is there truth in that? Does soy kill testosterone? Is there an actual need to stay away from it? Let us find out what’s really going on here.

Ginger and Testosterone: Is Ginger an Effective Booster?

Fresh ginger and its connection to testosterone on a wooden surface.

There are many options for supplements that can benefit men’s fitness and performance. One of the lesser known ones include a common spice with extremely powerful health benefits—ginger. Let’s break down the factors that make ginger an ideal natural supplement. While we’re at it, let’s also discuss what exactly ginger and testosterone have to do with each other.

Is Crossfit a Fad or Is It Here to Stay?

Three people participating in Crossfit exercises in a gym with various equipment, including weights and a tire.

If you’re active within the fitness community, Crossfit probably isn’t a mystery to you. It’s absolutely everywhere! Is Crossfit a Fad? Crossfit is a strength and conditioning program that has caught the attention of fitness newbies and professionals alike. It focuses on functional movement in a high intensity setting. The question that many people have, is Crossfit just another one of these fickle fitness trends? Is it something that will make an impact on the community for the years to come?

Body Fat Percentage Pictures and How to Measure

A person measuring their waistline with a tape measure to determine their body fat percentage.

If you want to optimize your health and physique, you must be aware of your body composition. This can be done as you read this article through the use of body fat percentage pictures. Your body-fat percentage can be a more effective marker of your overall health and fitness than the BMI (body mass index).

Peptides Bodybuilding Guide: Benefits, Safety, Misconceptions & How to Use

A muscular individual flexing his bicep, showcasing well-defined muscles from peptides bodybuilding.

​Peptides bodybuilding is the latest craze in health and fitness, but contrary to popular belief, it is not some magical muscle building solution. It can work but it’s always important to find out what the real deal is.

Top 45 Blogs to Naturally Help You Build More Muscle

A blurred collage of various website interfaces indicating a diverse range of online content, including the Top 45 Blogs to Naturally Help You Build More Muscle.

Need a push to hit the gym or some tips on how to build muscle? Whether you’re an athlete or just getting into exercising, here is a helpful list of the top 45 blogs to naturally help you build more muscle. It can take a lot of resolve to get out of that comfy couch and get into a proper muscle building regime. Thankfully, these natural bodybuilding, calisthenics and fitness experts, are full of advice and motivational tips to help you make that muscle happen.