Is Crossfit a Fad or Is It Here to Stay?

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If you're active within the fitness community, Crossfit probably isn't a mystery to you. It's absolutely everywhere! Is Crossfit a Fad?

Crossfit is a strength and conditioning program that has caught the attention of fitness newbies and professionals alike. It focuses on functional movement in a high intensity setting.

However, it is not a newbie exercise as it requires a certain level of existing knowledge and skills as it relates to exercising.

The question that many people have, is Crossfit just another one of these fickle fitness trends? Is it something that will make an impact on the community for the years to come?

Let's discuss! Did you know the Crossfit brand has about 13,000 gyms around the world in over a hundred countries? That doesn't seem like a number that a fad would keep through the years!

This trend is one that has caught on worldwide. Doctors, trainers, and fitness experts are all talking about Crossfit and the advantages of this high intensity work out. It is a unique combination of exercises that engage all parts of your body for a well rounded work out that is highly impactful.

If that isn't enough to pique your interest, all it takes is a simple visit to social media to see just how many people are participating.

The Stigma Behind Fitness Trends

Let's face it, exercise and lifestyle trends aren't usually viewed in a positive light. This is especially true for those who have been active in the fitness community for a long time.

After witnessing the rise and fall of many trends as it relates to exercise and strength conditioning, it is perfectly normal to be a bit skeptical when you hear of something that has become popular.

Considering Crossfit is the biggest fitness trend to hit the scene in decades, there are a lot of things to think about when trying to predict how long it will last. One of the biggest obstacles of Crossfit is accessibility.

Somebody who is inexperienced and out of shape might find a lot of inspiration in the program, but it's not safe for them to do because of the sheer intensity of the work out. Using tools like crossfit weight lifting belts or weighted vests gives you more support during an intense work out.

It's quite important to assess your current skills and fitness level to make sure it aligns with what is demanded by Crossfit work outs. Trust us when we say that Crossfit is not a fitness fad when all is considered!

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The fitness scene was totally changed when this style of exercise became more popular than ever, and your social media feed probably reflects that if you make it a point to follow the community.

When Crossfit first hit the scene by storm, it was easy to consider it a quick fad that would not last. Some of the lingo has become a household name as it relates to fitness. So, you've probably heard a lot of talk about WODs, right?

The Crossfit terms might make you think that this program is more of a cult style fad that will fade in a year or two than a long lasting staple in the fitness community. 

However, the truth is that the Crossfit program has captured interest for years at this point, so it's already outlasted a lot of other programs and exercises that have come and gone. For these reasons, we are more than confident that it is here to stay.

It's Here to Stay

In closing, we believe Crossfit is more than one of those trends that comes across your feed for a couple of months and disappears into the graveyard of other fitness trends that you've endured through the years.

We say this mainly because the competitive nature of Crossfit makes it certain to stick around for decades. It has honestly become more of a lifestyle than a simple exercise program for most folks who get into it, and can really open up avenues for you as far as endurance goes, so you will be better at trying other styles of exercise.

Lets face it, athletes love competition and pushing themselves to their limits. If they didn't, they wouldn't be athletes at all! So, this is a major reason why this fitness program will have a long lasting legacy. 

Even if the trend does fade overall and the Crossfit gyms close their doors, we are confident that you will be seeing Crossfit inspired exercise routines for years to come.


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