Top 45 Blogs to Naturally Help You Build More Muscle

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Need a push to hit the gym or some tips on how to build muscle? Whether you’re an athlete or just getting into exercising, here is a helpful list of the top 45 blogs to naturally help you build more muscle. 

It can take a lot of resolve to get out of that comfy couch and get into a proper muscle building regime. Thankfully, these natural bodybuilding, calisthenics and fitness experts, are full of advice and motivational tips to help you make that muscle happen. 

Please Note: The blogs featured here are arranged in no particular order. We're fans of all of them.

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A Shot of Adrenaline

A Shot of Adrenaline

If you don’t have access to a gym and are looking for advice on how to lose weight and build muscle with bodyweight training, look no further than Bodyweight Todd.

Through his blog, Todd provides an comprehensive collection of no-equipment-needed bodyweight workouts designed to help you burn fat and put on muscle. Naturally! The best thing about bodyweight training is that you can do it anywhere, no gym needed. Perfect for travelling.

This famous blogger sort of really loves Calisthenics and if you do too, he’s your man! Each of his articles, guest posts, workout guides on bodyweight exercises and tutorials sings with his passion for fitness and using only the body to craft an awesome physique. This is our favorite website on bodyweight training and comes highly recommended.

Jason Ferruggia

The tagline of the website “Build Your Body + Strengthen Your Mind + Optimize Your Life” gives you a clear indication of Jason’s no-nonsense combinational approach to leading a better life. His philosophy is all about helping his readers get healthier, stronger, and happier in life.

From performance nutrition tips, how to promote muscle growth and well-researched articles like natural testosterone boosters for men, Jason offers a bit of everything. Fitness and motivation tips aside, we also love his 60 Questions in 60 Minutes on Training, Happiness & Life, where he dissects everything from overly used clichés to leaving behind a legacy in life. This blog goes beyond just fitness and we really like that!

Nerd Fitness

Having struggled with getting fit in the past, Steve Kamb writes all about fitness, positivity, and leveling up in life - an inspiring outlook which reflects his own nerdy preference.

Steve’s across-the-board blog features anything and everything that has to do with nerds and fitness, a combination most people think would not work out. Nerd Fitness gives the power back to the nerds and gets them just as ripped as anyone!

One glance at the blog roll and you’ll find a smorgasbord of interesting articles, including aspects of fitness not commonly discussed such as ‘why genetics might be crucial to getting jacked’, guest posts on diverse topics such as ‘how to get better at self-love’ and special posts geared more toward nerds.

Steve's blog is pure awesomeness and it's really cool to see that he has crafted such a great site in this less explored sub-niche within fitness.

Spot Me Bro

Spot Me Bro is one of our favourite blogs on this list! Why? Because they add plenty of humour to the equation, making for an entertaining read full of no B.S bodybuilding wisdom.

They feature some great advice on top supplements to fuel your workouts, as well as a shop featuring a whole array of awesome humour infused shirts perfect for lifting and keeping it real in the gym. Highly recommended!

Are They On Steroids?

Are They On Steroids

Bodybuilding is the greatest sport in the world! Most would say it is only the amount of effort you put into developing and transforming yourself that limits how ripped you can become.

If you ever find yourself wondering if those actor’s physiques are real, from steroids, or merely special effects, will educate you and provide you with well-researched facts, without any false claims and accusations.

Erny Peibst is a natural bodybuilder, who spends his time researching facts about celebrities and their training habits, as well as if it is likely they are on anabolic steroids or playing the game “au naturel” so to speak.

The site delivers excellent reading material on all your favorite celebrity elites, providing a great way to investigate their bodybuilding habits, enjoy it!

Straight to the Bar

Straight to the Bar

As one of the oldest blogs on this list, Straight to the Bar has an incredible amount of information on offer on various things you need to know to achieve massive strength gains and step up your game.

Unlike blogs that typify modern gym culture, this blog has an extensive coverage of almost all aspects of getting stronger, ranging from old strongman techniques for lifting such as atlas stones, chest-high plinths to more modern strength training programs.

Whether you’re looking for general tips on improving grip strength or an inside scoop on preparing for competitions, there’s no doubt that is a great place to start.

Built Lean

If you’re looking to shed fat and build lean muscle naturally, is the perfect blog for you. Jointly run by a team of fitness experts, this blog is grounded in fitness programs and nutritional science that works. They covers various detailed aspects of fitness such as boosting testosterone levels to gaining optimum results with sandbag training.

Inside you’ll find several no-nonsense guides that help you take on challenging fitness goals and scale them to your current fitness level, as well as exclusive blogs posts packed with tips on improving your flexibility, conditioning and strength.

Tony Gentilcore

With several years of coaching experience under his belt, we’re tempted to sit up and pay attention when Boston based Strength and Conditioning coach Tony Gentilcore gives his advice. He is a featured writer for, Men’s Health and many more reputable magazines on health and fitness.

So it’s unsurprising that his blog is a treasure trove of resources on fitness and strength training. Fitness and nutrition aside, we like that Tony keeps it simple, straightforward lowdown on things anyone can do to improve their athleticism. He also likes to toss in a little coaching/business advice from time to time.

Muscle and Performance

Want to get stronger, fitter and avoid injuries in the process? Muscle and Performance is a blog you definitely want to consider following for just that.

Tapping into the expertise of a team of qualified fitness trainers and coaches, this blog provides all the information one needs to achieve an outstanding physique, even for busy working professionals and middle aged men that have been out of shape for years.

Here you’ll find full body strength training, workouts for boosting metabolic rate, fat-burning workouts, how to maximize recovery, stretching sequences and much more.

Gym Talk

Do you love reading about plans that offer to melt 20 pounds of fat from your frame in just 7 days? How about those magic supplements specially formulated to help you pack your frame with every ounce of muscle possible? Instant six pack? If so, isn’t your cup of tea.

Gym Talk offer a no BS approach to bodybuilding, no false promises, just real results! They favour natural bodybuilders that really believe in sweating it out and don’t dabble with magic supplements which won't give you any real results.

In fact, Henry Croft, founder and editor of Gym Talk, is an advocate of old school type of bodybuilding. He delivers in-depth posts on different kinds of full body workouts and nutrition, dispelling the myths surrounding the fitness industry, and showing us all how to stay in shape throughout the year.

Breaking Muscle

You’ve been training for a while and losing your spark. You’re looking everywhere for more current information in developing your physique. Although no matter where you look, you can’t find what you want.

Enter Breaking Muscle, an incredible site that’s packed with nutrition news, fitness advice and powerful videos. No wonder, since it is run by professional coaches, trainers and fitness devotees. This is one of the few stellar sites brimming with information you can use every day.

They go through everything – even things such as latest cupping therapy to prediction of injury using GPS. Very thorough. This site has everything and is a one-stop shop to get you going for the gold.

The Athletic Build

With more than 620,000 followers on Facebook, The Athletic Build is one of the best fitness websites on the internet. The Athletic Build offers various interesting content and articles, boasting top-of-the-line contributing authors such as fitness experts, professional bodybuilders, Crossfit athletes and sports nutritionists.

This site also feature product reviews of workout supplements that are both comprehensive and honest, clearly outlining the benefits, how it works, the side effects and the pros and cons.

Don't miss the Interview section of top fitness coachs, Crossfit athletes, and much more. Anything you’re looking for when it comes to fitness and bodybuilding, you’ll surely find at The Athletic Build.

JMax Fitness

Jason Maxwell, the author of JMax Fitness shares his thoughts, knowledge and experience through his blog to help you get into the best possible shape of your life.

At JMax Fitness, every article published is supported by science and case studies to prove that it’s honest, sincere and effective. Rather than selling supplements and other fitness products, he offer coaching services to make sure you get results.

Jason Maxwell also releases podcast regularly, and his blog is updated with the latest content about fitness, health, bodybuilding and much more. Highly recommended!

About Lifting

The author ‘Iron Thumb’, created About Lifting to help educate people about fitness and bodybuilding from a scientific perspective. Iron Thumb wants you to gain pounds of lean muscle and also be able to learn how to achieve a healthy weight through bodybuilding.

The website looks simple and clean, with lots of quality information and useful content published regularly. It also has a Lifting Meme Section that features some of the most hilarious bodybuilding memes on the Internet. As well as a bodybuilding program tailored to newbies and information on books, research studies and practical workout tips.

Old School Trainer

If you’re looking for a way to enhance your workouts and maximize your endurance, Old School Trainer will be the perfect resource. This blog is written by a fitness enthusiast with over 20 years of experience, who managed to change his lifestyle and drop 75 pounds in only two years.

Old School Trainer offers plenty of advice when it comes to basic principles of training and nutrition, but also offers complete workout routines aimed at specifics sets of muscles. One of the blog’s most popular posts is a guide on how to train only two days a week and still make lots of gains of lean muscle mass.

Also make sure to check out the very nice free PDF ebook offered on the website!

Simply Shredded

If you’re looking to add some muscle mass to your frame, you probably already know about the importance of nutrition and rigorous exercise. However, it’s also important to make your time at the gym as effective as possible.

Simply Shredded provides awesome all-around information, for example on how to kickstart your metabolism. The blogs tips are backed by scientific studies and then presented in an informative manner.

Aside from numerous guides and motivational stories, this website also offers a highly detailed 12-week shred guide which we recommend. This guide will help you build muscle mass completely naturally by enjoying foods you love and manipulating your nutrition and training regimen.

In addition, Simply Shredded features the “Keep the Drive Alive” series of articles and videos that will keep your motivation flying high for your workouts. 

Sports Fitness Advisor

Sports Fitness Advisor has been around for quite some time and managed to help numerous fitness enthusiasts reach their goals.

However, the best part about this website is Phil Davies, who is behind all of its content. As a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, he offers his knowledge in many different sports in order to provide valuable information.

This blog offers an incredible amount of content, where you can find advice and regimens for all kinds of training. Circuit training, strength, speed, endurance, and flexibility training are some of the most covered topics.

Furthermore, sport-specific regimens are also included, covering baseball, basketball, football, golf, soccer, and tennis. For anybody heavily into sports or competing, we highly recommend this blog!

Critical Bench

If you’re a natural, drug-free bodybuilder, you might occasionally doubt that you can’t advance as much as those who use all kinds of unnatural therapies. However, as many personal trainers will tell you, one of the most important things are to stay educated on how to avoid negative influences that create a catabolic effect on your muscles. This is exactly what Critical Bench tries to teach.

Critical Bench is the ultimate source of information valuable to those looking to always take it one step further while also keeping a drug-free bodybuilding regimen. The website also offers a section of books covering muscle building workouts, designed to maximize your potential.

With close to 300,000 Facebook fans, it is no wonder why Critical Bench is so popular. Make sure to check out the free PDF guides offered on the Facebook page, they are awesome!

JTS Strength

This website is powered by the Juggernaut Training Systems, an online community started in 2009. During the years, this website became one of the best sources of information for any hardcore fitness fan.

Aside from highly detailed training information, you can find lots of advice on how to avoid making mistakes in the kitchen by improving your training diet. Highly detailed and scientifically-backed information is what sets this blog apart.

If you’re willing to go one step further, make sure to take a look at the Juggernaut’s online store where you can find their flagship training system. This ebook can teach you how to improve your mindset towards training and competition, as well as how to create a sustainable training plan. The training methods are created by Chad Wesley Smith, who has a very rich experience in competing and coaching.

Kyle Hunt Fitness

Hunt Fitness is an online community of fitness enthusiasts, run by Kyle Hunt. Kyle has been a personal trainer since he was 16 years old, and is also an ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer since age 18. In addition, thanks to his Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science, it is no wonder why Hunt Fitness has become such a successful website.

The biggest reason why people trust Hunt is his book “Absolute Strength”. This ultimate guide to exercise and nutrition is a balanced plan consisting of multiple training cycles. You don’t need to go to the gym to follow this program, all you need is to have access to a barbell, a bench, and a squat rack.

Bayesian Bodybuilding

Bayesian bodybuilding is a new way of thinking when it comes to exercise and achieving results. This workout method is developed by Menno Henselmans, who is a former business consultant specialized in statistical data analysis.

His background helped him create a completely new approach to bodybuilding and fitness, based on individual needs of every trainee. Those who decide to enroll will receive a complete diet, including supplementation stack, as well as a workout regimen.

What is interesting about this technique is that it uses motion tracking software to assess your progress, as well as the fact that Menno Henselmans himself provides personal assessments. We think this concept is very cool and is worth checking out!

Iron Guru

Vince Gironda was one of the most-popular personal trainers and bodybuilders, and owned the celebrity-frequented “Vince’s Gym”. He became well-known in 1950’s by promoting low-carb dieting and saying that bodybuilding is 85% nutrition. Stars such as Arnold Schwarzenegger trained at Vince's Gym.

He also had some unorthodox training ideas on how men and women should train, as well as his stance against bench press training. His workout routines became popular because of their high degree of effectiveness.

Vince Gironda is a legend in the natural bodybuilding scene and was a true pioneer in exercise nutrition. He understood how carbohydrates worked long before conventional science caught on.

The Iron Guru blog is a tribute blog to Vince Gironda, featuring his original training and nutrition plans. Those who are going all-natural will love numerous supplement guides including meal and drink recipes.

Every guy who is interested in building a masculine physique needs to read this website, highly recommended!

Sean Nalewanyj

Sean Nalewanyj

Sean Nalewanyj is a well-known name in the community of natural bodybuilders. He is currently a coach with numerous published articles, guides, and videos. His website is an information-rich source of everything you need to know to start getting some reals results in the gym.

This blog seems perfect for anyone who is new to the world of exercise as well as to those who are looking for natural ways to improve muscle mass.

Also seasoned fitness enthusiasts can benefit from Sean’s ebooks and guides like the Body Transformation Blueprint, which is a 250-page manual with workout routines, meal plans, supplement guides, recipe books and much more.

Justin Kavanagh Fitness

Justin Kavanagh Fitness

Justin Kavanagh is a London-based personal trainer who has an unusual  background story. He is not one of those bodybuilders who spent most of their lives in the gym or a former professional athlete. Instead, he is an average person who hit a very rough patch in life but managed to overcome it thanks to his newly discovered love for fitness and bodybuilding.

Today, Justin is putting his knowledge and experience into helping others achieve their fitness goals using all-natural supplements and eating right. After ten years of training and participating in bodybuilding competitions, he certainly has a lot to share. What Justin is doing on his site is awesome!

A Workout Routine

Those who are taking their exercise routines seriously know how important it is to do research and tailor your workout plans. However, it can be hard to find most of the information you need in one place, especially due to conflicting statistics and data found on the Web. This is why A Workout Routine is THE goto site for in-depth information on customizing and creating your own regimen.

This website is best-known for its Ultimate Weight Training Workout Routine, which is completely free of charge. No matter what you goal is, this guide will help you. Make sure to also check out the frequently updated articles on building muscle, nutrition, and losing fat.

Body Build Bid

Have you ever judged a book by its cover? Most of us have, but don't let this simple site fool you. BodyBuild Bid have a vast array of great articles on every bodybuilding topic imaginable.

From recipes to exercises, they got you covered. The creators of this site also provide a gallery of pictures that show 'the form'. Their Mr. and Ms. Olympia gallery showcases the most amazing physiques of the top bodybuilders of all time.

Lift Big Eat Big

If you're into strength training, Lift Big Eat Big (LBEB) should go directly to your browser favorites. The site offers a good mix of articles on proper techniques and healthy eating. A couple of cooking videos pepper the site to help you eat more wholesome food.

Site owner, Brandon Morrison is a professional weightlifter and coach. So he knows what he is talking about and it shows in the quality of his content. His articles are all  research-based and offer little doubt, they will help any weightlifter take it to the next level.

From consultations to apparels and accessories, this site really connects with its target niche. It seems nothing in the weightlifting realm escapes Lift Big Eat Big.

Powerlifting to Win

Doesn't the name of this site evoke visions of powerlifting greatness? It is not only visions, there's a wealth of information here that actually works.

The sheer amount of good reads available will make your head spin. Most content are on topics that can help you succeed as a powerlifter.

If you're dead serious about the sport, there's also online coaching. Don't miss out on the free 100 page ebook available on the site which is an awesome free resource. It contains programs, tips and workout spreadsheets for calculating.

No brainer, everything you need to win is offered at Powerlifting to Win!

Building Muscle 101

Tired of the usual bodybuilding sites? There's no shortage of blogs, that's true. However, some have more fluff than good quality content, it's easy to get lost in a sea of information.

Owner of Building Muscle 101 Blake Bissaillion keeps his excellent site current and up to par on the latest topics in bodybuilding. There's a lot to see here and it can be overwhelming for some. But don't worry, everything is streamlined and organized and the site is very enjoyable and easy to read.

Building Muscle 101 has a practical and simple approach to fitness that everyone can understand. It includes the perfect mix of smart workout plans, tips and even things such as a water intake calculator. You'll also like the clean look of the blog – Nice one, Blake!

Build the Muscle

Some people like the no-nonsense approach, and who’s to blame them? With little time on our hands to read vital information, a one-stop shop is ideal. We like it better when information is straightforward, practical and gives us results.

Build the Muscle has a clear and minimalistic feel that sits well with bodybuilders. No flashing graphics or heavy color pervades the site. Everything looks neat and tidy, so you can easily find what you’re looking for.

Anyone with an interest in training and weightlifting will find this great site useful. It’s unique and curated content help enthusiasts learn more. It focuses on what matters most in bodybuilding – having the right form AND of course building muscle.


So you want a non-fitness lifestyle that still offer good workout results? Then, this site will fit you well. Forget the boring and restrictive fitness regiments of the past – Fitmole is here.

Keith Lai, is a funny guy that takes a light hearted approach to fitness. It’s true; many health buffs have forgotten how to really enjoy the journey to good health and fitness.

Everything might seem closed in within the fitness industry, like there is no more room to breathe in new ideas. But Keith bring a fresh view on fitness and health and offers good tips you can easily implement into your own life. 

Meanwhile while at the site, don’t forget to check on the awesome Superhero Shredding 2.0 guide!

Muscle Prodigy

Muscle prodigies, rejoice! You don't have to search for dozens of sites to find what you're looking for. Muscle Prodigy has great workout tips and more that will keep you glued to the screen.

The editors of Muscle Prodigy has put together the best content in one spot. The articles are easy to read and engage readers. From celebrity workouts to healthy eating, it reaches out to fill all your fitness concerns.

The site truly delivers excellent reading material, a great way to learn while also enjoying it. There's even a nostalgic article about legendary Jack Lalane which we recommend everyone to read. Makes you appreciate how far the fitness industry has evolved over time.

Bony to Beastly

What’s in a name? Well, everything – and this site proves it. It’s not your ordinary fitness website, think major makeover.

Marco, Jared and Shane own the site and they were once, yes you guess it: bony. Their mission, is to turn all you bony gentlemen into beasts. That’s right, visibly strong, masculine men – their words.

So, step into their world and learn the tricks of their trade. Get all the nitty-gritty info to get the transformation gears running. Change is what they’re aiming for and it should be yours too.

After all, there are no better mentors for this than these 3 dudes. They’ve seen and lived it themselves. For all hardgainer guys out there we really recommend you checkout Bony to Beastly.

Build Muscle 101

Build Muscle 101 is a blog dedicated to fitness-oriented advice, written by a fitness enthusiast who decided to share his personal experiences. The blog section of the website offers information for both complete beginners as well as for seasoned gym-goers looking for professional-grade tips.

Published content covers topics such as core workouts that can be done without any equipment, but it also offers great guides on choosing and buying the right set of equipment to power your home workouts. 

In particular, Build Muscle 101 could be of great help to those looking to building a home gym.

Ivan Nikolov

Ivan Nikolov is a Bulgarian-born natural bodybuilder with numerous competitions under his belt. His is currently living in the U.S., working as a personal trainer with a certification in Natural Movement. In addition, he is the creator of the Natural Running course, with over 500 students currently enrolled.

The Natural Running course teaches a style of running that is not damaging to your knees and hip joints. This will allow you to avoid any running-related injuries, as well as help you run longer and faster. User reviews are praising his methods, with the highest possible average score.

Workout Info Guru

If you’ve ever been interested in how celebrities and athletes train, Workout Info Guru should be your ultimate source. Aside from advice on how to activate and train different muscle groups, the unique value here are the numerous routines and diet plans of world-famous bodybuilders and celebrities.

The blog currently offers very detailed workout routines of athletes such as Tim Tebow and LeBron James, as well as of some celebrities like Zac Efron and Gerard Butler. Each of these routines are highly detailed, with day-by-day explanations and workout tips.


Broscience was founded in 2014, by two fitness enthusiasts called Joe and Ben, who are jokingly saying that Broscience is a place to kill time between hardcore workouts and protein shakes. All jokes aside, over one million monthly visits is a serious achievement.

Aside from frequently posted articles with advice on workout programs and natural supplements, Broscience is best known for it's three workout plans that include building muscle and getting shredded at the same time. There is also a customizable diet plan, necessary to help you reach your goals.

We think what Joe and Ben are doing is awesome and highly recommend their site.

Skinny-Fat Transformation

Skinny-Fat Transformation

If you’re a skinny-fat type of guy, then you probably know how difficult it is to either bulk up or lose weight. Efforts to bulk up often leads to gaining weight, and efforts to lose weight means losing the very little muscle mass you already have.

Being a former skinny-fat sufferer himself, Oskar Faarkrog knows exactly how it can go, and he shares his story on his blog. Visit his website for tips on how to train and eat for your specific body type so that you can shred fat, get lean and build muscle mass in the right places.

Build Upper Chest

A lagging upper chest is a common problem for many people. Developing it requires different workouts, the effects of which ultimately depend on your genes, body and muscle structure. provides information on how you can build your upper chest, from work out tips for the chest muscles and surrounding area to more broad tips on how to lose fat and build muscle at the same time.

This blog specializes on topics for building your chest. It also offers you to have a plan and progress tracker created specially for you based on your age, height, weight and workout preference. Sites like these are rare so for all guys that needs to give their chest some extra attention in the gym to make gains, this will be your best resource!

Out Alpha

Unlike the usual workout or body transformation websites, provides high quality content that will help you become an alpha male in all the various aspects of your life.

Its founder, Alexander Leonidas, shares different programs for different needs – making it a good resource for novices as well as for experienced lifters who want to build muscle the natural way.

Aside from workout tips, you’ll also find information on diet, clean eating, lifestyle and dating, helping you achieve maximum transformation that also goes beyond the physical.

King of the Gym

The name alone hints on what it has to offer: has everything you need to know about getting real results in the gym. This blog is personal in nature, with stories and insights from its owner, Alex.

King of the Gym specifically covers information on how to get big, lean and strong. While the website focuses on training, what makes it unique is its comprehensive and functional anatomy guide that talks about individual muscles, exercises, stretches and myofascial techniques that you should know about.

Aside from posts, Alex also shares guides on weight training, buying gym equipment and supplements that you need to enhance your weightlifting results.

Unique Bodyweight Exercises

For most people, working out means going to the gym and using weights. However, there are many strength training exercises that you can do with your own individual bodyweight, and teaches you just how to do that.

While pull-ups and sit-ups are some of the most common bodyweight exercises available, this blog will also walk you through a list of workouts targeting different parts of the body.

It provides information on routines that can help improve flexibility and increase metabolism. Aesthetics wise, the website is very simple and easy to navigate so you can get straight to the details right away.

Fitness Viking

The fitness ‘blahs’ do happen to everyone at some point. When this lack of motivation turns up, it should prompt you to search for resources that may help.

Fitness Viking contain a treasure trove of information on fitness and nutrition. Everything from bike helmet safety to hunger hormones, it covers close to everything. It offers a healthy mix of exercise and diet content so you can continue to improve and get real results.

Does the Viking in you need the extra push to spur it to action? Then, surf on to their site. The high seas of strength and vigor are calling your name. Ahoy!

Prime Health Solutions

Prime Health Solutions

Today, many sites deal with fitness. It's difficult to choose which one delivers authentic reviews on things such as health products. Besides, there's hard sell going on; it can be confusing.

Adam Raasta takes the high road and gives you Prime Health Solutions. He sets the pace by emphasizing the importance of setting health goals. His useful reviews on hyped fitness products are straight forward and honest.

This site ties everything together in a neat package. It takes on natural remedies to tried and tested methods concerning health. Adam equips you with all the information needed to make excellent decisions in every step.

For many navigating their way to good health and more muscle, this site is a must!

Aesthetic Bodybuilding

Do you need diet or workout plans to lose weight or bulk up? Aesthetic Bodybuilding offers quite a comprehensive mix of content on how to stay fit. Their approach to nutrition and exercise is simple: have a plan to achieve your goals.

Their top 5 lists inform and entertain and are among some of the many great reasons to visit their site. Furthermore, their natural bodybuilding section is pure eye-candy for the bodybuilding enthusiast. Here popular bodybuilders display their magnificent forms and perfect physiques.

Regardless of your fitness goals, this site provides the tools needed to fuel your body to the max. It helps you switch into the next gear and power up your workouts so you can stay strong and lean. Using this site, staying in tip-top shape just got easier.

All Things Gym

Tried doing a search for good fitness videos in YouTube? It can be troublesome and tough to find quality videos that teach you routines that work. Most often, you end up wasting precious time on it when you should be working out and getting real results.

Gregor, of All Things Gym has a great one-stop-shop site on exercise. You can view weightlifting and strength training videos to keep you occupied for hours. It’s a well-thought of digital curation that offers convenient and valuable resources for everyone.

Do you appreciate a good interview with known experts in the field? Then, this site won’t disappoint. It got a great blend of workout instructions and real talks concerning exercising to keep you motivated for a long time.

Nate Miyaki

​Natural Physique Athlete – Student of the Ronin Strategies. All sounds very impressive. Let us present Nate Miyaki.

His achievements as People’s Nutrition Educator and Fitness Author make him a true authority in the field. He writes well in an easy to understand tone using a no-nonsense approach which is very easy to become a fan of.

Nate's engaging Vlog makes physical fitness more dynamic. It motivates and educates ordinary men to rise beyond their comfort zones. The site also contains great physique transformation plans, links to his books and podcasts, nutrition basics, list of supplements and everything you need to achieve a great body.

What really stands out about this site is Nate's way of mixing philosophy and fitness into one, we are a big fan of this approach to help transform your life completely in every aspect. 


We’ve just scratched the surface of blogs to naturally help you build more muscle. Finding a blog with truthful information that you also enjoy reading can be a difficult task. We hope this list provided you with lots of value and many great reading experiences.

Did we miss someone? Let us know in the comments, what are your favorite blogs to help you build more muscle?

Alex Eriksson (Research Analysis)

Alex Eriksson is the founder of Anabolic Health, a men’s health blog dedicated to providing honest and research-backed advice for optimal male hormonal health. Anabolic Health aspires to become a trusted resource where men can come and learn how to fix their hormonal problems naturally, without pharmaceuticals.

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