Coffee & Bodybuilding: What’s the Verdict?

Muscular man holding a white coffee mug.

There is so much conflicting information regarding coffee & bodybuilding on the internet. Some would promote it as the answer to accelerated fat loss while some would say that it will make you fatter. There are also others stating that it can increase your performance while others contradict this by saying it increases your chance for heart disease. So, what should you believe? This article will get the facts straight and look at how caffeine can help you in bodybuilding.

How to Lose Stubborn Belly Fat Fast & Get to Single Digit Body Fat

Muscular man lifting his shirt to reveal his abs, demonstrating how to lose stubborn belly fat fast.

Being fat was never cool. It doesn’t look good and neither does it feel good. Moreover, being fat (or overweight or obese; however way you want to categorize it) puts you at a higher risk of heart-disease, diabetes and cancer (all positively backed by medical science). This is just the tip of the iceberg as there are other myriads of diseases and health-risks that are associated with a high body-fat percentage. In this article we are going to focus on body fat and how it adversely affects your testosterone levels. Out of all the problems surrounding high body-fat percentage; we will focus on its impact on hormones, specifically testosterone.

Body Fat Percentage Pictures and How to Measure

A person measuring their waistline with a tape measure to determine their body fat percentage.

If you want to optimize your health and physique, you must be aware of your body composition. This can be done as you read this article through the use of body fat percentage pictures. Your body-fat percentage can be a more effective marker of your overall health and fitness than the BMI (body mass index).

Steak and Eggs Diet by Vince Gironda: Most Effective Fat-Burning Method

A monochrome image of a well-built man, adhering to the Steak and Eggs Diet by Vince Gironda, posing to show off his muscular physique.

One of the most highly controversial bodybuilding techniques is the steak and eggs diet by Vince Gironda. Steak and eggs and eggs and steak may sound so wickedly bad in the media that they should be nowhere near a restrictive fitness regimen. However, you’d be surprised at the truth and what the diet can do for you.

Brazil Nuts Testosterone Superfood: The Best Selenium Supplement

A bowl of brazil nuts, known for boosting testosterone, on a wooden table.

Of all the nuts available, and there are a lot of varieties to choose from, the brazil nut is probably the best nut. Brazil nuts testosterone superfood that’s  tasty and easy to eat, loaded with lots of essential substances that are great for guys looking to maximize their health and boost their testosterone levels. Yep – Brazil nuts are good for your nuts too!