Coffee & Bodybuilding: What’s the Verdict?

Coffee & Bodybuilding strong man holding a cup of coffee

There is so much conflicting information regarding coffee & bodybuilding on the internet. Some would promote it as the answer to accelerated fat loss while some would say that it will make you fatter. There are also others stating that it can increase your performance while others contradict this by saying it increases your chance for heart disease. So, what should you believe? This article will get the facts straight and look at how caffeine can help you in bodybuilding.

Cascara Coffee: A Refreshing Spin on Classic Coffee

Cascara Coffee A handful of dried coffee berries cascara on the palm. Drip Coffee Maker, glass jug server in the background

The coffee scene has introduced another drink derived from the coffee cherry fruit. This drink is cascara coffee. Although new in coffee shops, it has been drank traditionally in various coffee farming communities all over the world. Read on and find out if you might drink this as your daily caffeine beverage.

Nicotine & Testosterone: Is Smoking Tobacco Bad for Men?

Nicotine and Testosterone Cigar in ashtray, lighter and cognac

People often like to say that it is common sense that tobacco is bad for you. Further, If I rolled up a fat cigarette filled with ground coffee beans, it is likely you would consider this a more healthy option than the ordinary cigarette. But is it? Why is there so much stigma attached to the topic of tobacco? After all, is it the tobacco leaf in itself that is killing people?