Natural Steroids: Anabolic Foods for Maximum Muscle Growth

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By using pregnenolone cream or pregnenolone supplements, the levels of the compound in the body increases, and this brings about various benefits such as fatigue relief, and delay of the aging process.

​Today there is a huge shift to using natural steroids as opposed to synthetic steroids. There is such a negative connotation attached to steroids, and sports careers could end if an athlete is caught using them illegally.

There are many natural steroid alternatives on the supplement market and even in your regular supermarket. Although not as effective as the real thing, they can be safely used every day to help optimize muscle growth and hormone levels in the long term.

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Just What Are Steroids, Exactly?

The steroids you usually hear about are anabolic steroids. They help a lot in building muscle mass and boosting overall performance in strenuous sports and bodybuilding.

Your body's steroids, per se, are good. Bile acids, cholesterol, some forms of vitamin D, cortisone, testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone are all regarded as steroids.

Corticosteroids alleviate swelling and reduce overactive immune signals. Synthetic anabolic steroids, on the other hand, build up muscle mass.

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Other Than Muscle Building, What Are Steroids For?

Medical practitioners use legal anabolic steroids to treat several health conditions. Many legal steroids review vouches for the effectiveness of steroids in treating various conditions.

For example, a legal steroid can be prescribed to hasten delayed puberty or revive testicular functions. Some HIV/AIDS patients are given the best legal steroids to counter muscle wasting.

Doctors can only prescribe the best steroids for patients with serious conditions. Doctors do not prescribe even just a little dose of any regular or the best steroid variety to healthy or young people just to improve their performance in athletics.


Increase Testosterone and Achieve Hormonal Health 

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  • Adequate Nutrition
  • Adequate Sleep
  • How to Balance Your Circadian Rhythm
  • How to Minimize Mental, Physical & Environmental Stress
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    Why You Should be Careful with Synthetic Steroids

    The reason athletes get suspended for taking steroids without prescription is because they give unfair advantage.

    Anabolic steroids in particular are deemed a controlled substance. You may use them but only with a prescription, and of course, you may get disqualified from competing in sports if you’re using them.

    They’re heavily regulated because of the proven mental, physical, and emotional damage they could cause.

    Some athletes consider taking large doses of anabolic steroids to make their bodies stronger, but this can become problematic when steroids are used in large doses without a doctor’s prescription.

    Some anabolic steroids that athletes ingest, however, are synthetic forms of testosterone – a male reproductive hormone that is present not just in men but also in women.

    Testosterone promotes  better focus, competitivness, faster metabolism, and greater strength. The higher the levels of testosterone in your body, the mightier you become.

    However, testosterone also has to be in balance with the hormone estrogen, which is present in both men and women. Bodily functions go awry when there is way too much testosterone because the excess often aromatize into estrogen. Excess estrogen comes with many side effects, hence it is better to always aim for optimal levels in all hormones.


    Too Many Side Effects: The Dangers of Unsupervised Synthetic Steroids Usage

    Taking steroids without supervision is risky because of the many side effects that vary among sexes and ages.

    Teenagers who take steroids may have stunted height because of controlled bone growth. Teenage girls may also undergo prolonged masculinization.

    Women who take illegal anabolic steroids may experience the following unpleasant effects:

    • Excessive hair in the body and face
    • Diminished breast size
    • Menstrual irregularities
    • Masculinized female fetus
    • Enlarged clitoris
    • Deepening of voices

    Men who ingest anabolic steroids without prescription may face these side effects, most of which are harmful:

    • Impotence
    • Infertility
    • Development of breasts
    • Shrinking of testicles
    • Lower sperm volume
    • Painful erections

    More side effects come into play for both men and women who take anabolic steroids to push their testosterone levels above the limit. They can face the following:

    • Baldness
    • Oily scalp
    • Being delusional
    • Getting into rages
    • Mood swings
    • Oily skin
    • Acne
    • Jaundice
    • Heart attack
    • Enlarged heart
    • High cholesterol
    • Liver diseases, including cancer
    • Tendon rupture

    8 Ways To Boost Testosterone Using Natural Steroids

    With the many side effects of using illegal anabolic steroids, what can athletes do to boost testosterone? How can they change their mindset that illegal substances such as anabolic steroids is the best option to optimize testosterone levels?

    And what can you personally do to increase your testosterone levels? Where can you find the best steroid alternatives?

    Lucky for us, there are many natural steroid alternatives. You do not have to look far and wide because there are various natural steroids that are easily accessible and affordable for everyone.

    Natural is a misused term in health and wellness. Some people market their products as natural even if they just contain a small percentage of a natural extract.

    When we talk about natural anabolic steroids, we mean that they are from nature and preferably raw, untreated and organic.

    Stock Up on Anabolic Foods

    There’s no more need to stock up on steroid supplements. You just have to fill your kitchen cabinets with natural anabolics.

    What could these anabolic foods be? You will be surprised to find that some of these alternative steroids might already be in your fridge or kitchen:

    • Quinoa
    • Wild oats
    • Raw eggs
    • Celery
    • Spinach
    • Fava beans
    • Almonds
    • Brazil nuts
    • Olive oil
    • Coconut oil
    • Onions
    • Pine pollen

    Taking in natural steroids beats even the best anabolic supplement because you are allowing natural and safe ingredients to interact with your hormones.

    The intake of herbal steroids is considered safe because the hormones are produced naturally in plants. This steroid alternative does away with the presence of synthetic hormones that are cultivated in a laboratory.

    1. Include Saponins in Your Diet


    ​A popular natural steroid type is saponin. This plant steroid can mimic the behavior of human hormones. 

    Foods that have steroidal saponins include Quinoa and wild oats. You can use these as good foods to help boost your testosterone levels, improve sexual health and cognition.

    South Americans have been using the Quinoa seed for hundreds of years. You can add this grain to your meats dishes three times a week to reap its benefits. Quinoa contains Ecdysteroids which has potent anabolic effects.

    wild oats

    Toss some wild oats (Avena Sativa) into your salads and cereals. The saponin found in these oats stimulates the Luteinizing Hormone in the pituitary gland, which stimulates the production of testosterone in the testes.

    2. Eat Your Eggs Raw


    Fried eggs are probably your quick fix for hunger. A stuffed omelet, on the other hand, makes for a mouthwatering dish.

    These egg dishes are not just a pleasure to eat, they also provide you with nutrients that will power you throughout the day.

    But have you ever tried consuming raw eggs? Vince Gironda, known as the Iron Guru, has advocated for a diet that is high in raw eggs in his book  “Unleashing the Wild Physique”. Vince Gironda is famous as Arnold Schwarzenegger's trainer (during his Mr. Universe days) and an expert on natural bodybuilding.

    Vince Gironda says that his Hormone Precursor Diet is best for those who want to recover from exercise and training. Raw eggs is a big part of the diet since they contain cholesterol that increases the rates of protein synthesis.

    Eating raw eggs will also help you add muscle mass, increase testosterone levels and serve as a cheap and nutritious source of protein.

    3. Eat Vegetables

    Celery contains nitrates that widen blood vessels, allowing for the better flow of oxygen in your blood. You can add celery to dishes, salads, and smoothies.


    Spinach is a leafy green vegtable that also contain nitrates. The nitric oxide in spinach increases blood flow and enhances sports performance.​

    4. Eat More Beans

    It wouldn’t hurt to add fava beans to your meal plan. These beans are not just cheap  sources of protein and fiber:

    They also contain the amino acid levodopa (L-Dopa) which is the precursor to dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that boosts growth hormone and increases testosterone levels.

    fava beans

    Fava beans are among the most effective natural bodybuilding steroids.

    5. Chew on Nuts


    Munching on almonds and Brazil nuts can also increase your testosterone count. You can include them in your anabolic diet by eating them as snacks or adding them to your salads and desserts.

    Almonds have magnesium, potassium, and vitamin E that can stimulates the production of testosterone.

    brazil nuts

    Brazil nuts, on the other hand, have testosterone boosting nutrients such as l-Arginine, cholesterol, selenium, and antioxidants.

    6. Use Wonder Oils

    Olive oil and coconut oil are among the healthiest oils. They are widely known to be good for the heart and brain.

    They also make your hair and skin look great. But did you know that these oils can also help in increasing your testosterone levels?

    olive oil

    Olive oil is a great source of fat for the testes. When there is more cholesterol in the testes, more testosterone can be produced.

    An Argentine study on rats concluded that olive oil can help convert cholesterol into testosterone easier.

    Coconut oil, on the other hand, contains saturated fat that can enhance testosterone production.

    coconut oil

    What sets coconut oil apart from olive oil is that its fatty acids are medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs).

    7. Have Some More Onions


    Onions are a staple in household kitchens as well as a basic remedy in traditional medicine. It contains various flavonoids and antioxidants which can have a positive impact on hormone levels.

    8. Take Advantage of Pine Pollen

    While other natural steroids have components that speed up the production of testosterone, pine pollen is in a league of its own.

    Pine pollen actually contain real male  testosterone among its composition.

    Pine pollen is perfect for those of you who want to boost testosterone levels naturally in an effective and convenient way. The powder can be easily mixed into your protein shake.

    Pine Pollen

    Aside from having testosterone, pine pollen contains 15 vitamins, 22 amino acids, 30 minerals, essential fatty acids, and over a hundred enzymes. For people who want to experience maximum effects from pine pollen, using a tincture under the tongue is preferred for best absorption of the testosterone.

    Pine pollen is nature’s super food in every sense because of its numerous healthy components. It is also the ultimate natural source of testosterone.


    Going natural is the best way to go if you want to boost testosterone levels and get the most out of your workouts. Natural steroids are still the best steroids to take because their hormonal components are safe and suitable for long-term use.

    The many benefits of natural steroids and the lack of dangerous side effects make them superior to synthetic steroids. Not only are they great sources of testosterone and testosterone boosters, they are also full of vital fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.

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