4 Best Prolactin Inhibitors: Reduce Refractory Period and Increase Libido

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You need prolactin inhibitors – that’s something you’ll have to accept if you wish to reach peak health. Without its help, your testosterone level could suffer (and you should know by now that the primary male hormone greatly affects libido, mood, and vitality). Keep in mind that a high prolactin level is only needed by women, particularly whenever they have to breastfeed. As for men, it’s still unknown whether the hormone serves any real purpose – even if it does though, having prolactin (PRL) at low levels should be enough.

6 Natural Aromatase Inhibitors: See A Complete List

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Aromatase might not sound dangerous, but it can actually cause harm in more ways than one – your sex drive, muscle mass, and even bone density can be severely affected. That’s why you should consider taking natural aromatase inhibitors.

10 Natural PDE5 Inhibitors: Powerful Natural Alternatives That Work

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Having any health condition can take a toll on multiple aspects of a person’s life. It can significantly change a one’s lifestyle and sometimes it can even lower self-esteem. ED is one such condition and, unfortunately, some people are too embarrassed to seek help from medical professionals for this matter. You do not have to dwell on this medical issue. By using natural PDE5 inhibitors, you can prevent ED from happening.

8 Best Epicatechin Supplements 2018 – The Myostatin Inhibitors Guide

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If you want to gain more muscle mass and boost testosterone too, you might want to try the best epicatechin supplement. Epicatechin is a natural compound found in different foods such as dark chocolate.