Maral Root: The Hidden Advantages Of Using This Herb

Mihai Voinea
Medically reviewed by Mihai Voinea Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) — Research analysis by Alex Eriksson

If you’ve heard about maral root, it’s likely that you also know it has helped both Russian and Chinese athletes maintain top performance throughout entire sports events. The herb isn’t as popular as other adaptogens like Ginseng and Cordycep, but it’s just as potent – if not more.

You’re probably wondering what an adaptogen does. Simply put, it makes the body much more capable of handling stress – not just the kind you get from intense workouts, but also those that emerge from insomnia, infection, and even anxiety.

Maral root increases your resistance towards stress, resulting in generally better mood, keeping you from thinking (or accepting) that you’re powerless against the difficulties you face.


A Few Good Reasons To Try Maral Root

Why should you consider taking maral root given that there are other adaptogens on the market and they all serve the same core function? Well, the answer to that lies in the other remarkable benefits that this Siberian herb has to offer.

Boost Muscle Growth

Maral root’s stress-fighting effect is mainly due to its ecdysteroid content, particularly in the form of ecdysterone (aka 20-Hydroxycdysone). It’s also the component that allows the herb to increase protein synthesis, which in turn leads to faster muscle development and greater muscle mass.

If you want to be lean and ripped, you really need to have protein synthesis at an optimal pace – exceeding the rate at which muscle breakdown occurs. You’ll need every bit of help you can get, especially since managing the catabolic process usually involves carefully planning your carb intake.

Enhance Immunity

Taking the Siberian plant, which is sold in various forms, will benefit your immune function. To understand this perk, you need to keep one specific fact in mind – and that is stress cuts the body’s capacity to fight off microscopic invaders like bacteria and viruses.

Whenever you are under stress for whatever reason, the amount of antibodies (or immunoglobulins) in your bloodstream drops. That’s a serious problem since antibodies serve a critical role not only in eliminating harmful microbes and viruses, but also in detecting their presence.

Now, since maral root increases your resistance towards stress, your immune system won’t take a hit each time you’re put in a stress-inducing situation – and if you’re working towards an important goal, the last thing you’d want is to get sick.

It’s important to note that the herb’s immune-boosting property isn’t solely due to its capacity to fight stress. Antioxidants (mostly in the form of flavonoids) are also found in maral root, and these prevent cellular damage that could lower the immune system’s responsiveness.

Peak Sexual Potency

If you’re often stressed, your sex life might already be suffering. This is due to cortisol (the stress hormone) competing with testosterone in influencing behavior, keeping your thoughts away from the bedroom – and yes, testosterone is what keeps your libido at appropriate levels.

Being stressed could likewise result in erectile dysfunction. While that may seem hard to believe, it’s actually a straightforward process – an increase in cortisol levels causes the arterial passages to compress, severely limiting the flow of blood.


Keeps Depression Away

While studies regarding this perk are still limited, it’s not that difficult to understand how maral root can prevent depression from setting in. If you’re usually overwhelmed with stress and coping proves to be a challenge, you’ll eventually succumb to a feeling of helplessness.

It’s interesting to note that those with major depression generally have high cortisol levels, and the opposite can be said for their serotonin – a neurotransmitter that manages both mood and behavior. It’s possible that cortisol’s abundance limits serotonin availability.

So, by taking maral root, you wouldn’t be so sensitive towards stress, which in turn would limit your production of the stress hormone. That should result in generally better mood, keeping you from thinking (or accepting) that you’re powerless against the difficulties you face.

Memory and Mental Clarity

Once again, cortisol is the culprit here – whenever there’s an abundance of it, the hippocampus (that part of the brain where memory is kept and processed) gets overwhelmed and enters a phase of wasting or degeneration.

As for mental clarity, not focusing on stress will definitely keep you focused and attentive on your current pursuit – regardless of what it may be. Keeping yourself shielded from cortisol’s effects will likewise keep you safe from headaches and pains, which affect mental clarity.


Maral root can thin your blood and this can lead to healing problems. It is not advisable to use this herb before undertaking surgery. Other risks involve vomiting and urinating blood in severe cases.

Supplementation Risks

The Siberian herb is clearly loaded with benefits, but taking it does come with certain risks. Specifically, if you’re taking medications or supplements that have a blood-thinning effect, you might have to reconsider taking maral root for the sake of safety.

Note that some diets are also known to lower blood viscosity. Taking in certain herbs and spices (such as cayenne, ginger, turmeric, and peppermint) as well as eating fatty fish (like albacore tuna, herring, and salmon) can thin your blood.

If that doesn’t seem serious, keep in mind that having excessively thin blood can lead to healing problems (wounds won’t close properly and bruises become more likely to appear). Vomiting and urinating blood are also possible in severe cases.

If you’re not taking other blood thinners but you’re going under the knife soon, it’s also best to refrain from supplementing with maral root. And if you’ve been taking it for quite some time, you’ll have to inform your doctor about it so as to avoid unwanted surprises during surgery.

You shouldn’t underestimate allergy risks as well, so it’s necessary to take a minimal amount at first. Lastly, due to the herbaceous plant’s anti-depressive and immune-boosting effects, it might be ideal not to take it with medications that serve the same purpose.

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Taking the Siberian Herb

Maral root is sold in several different forms, though its availability is still quite limited compared to that of other herbal adaptogens. You’ll most likely find powders, extracts, and tinctures, and there’s not much difference among these preparations.

Just be sure to thoroughly read and accurately follow what’s on the label. There’s no established dosing guideline for the herb, so it pays to be a bit cautious when taking it regularly – especially if maral root isn’t the only supplement you plan to benefit from.

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