Perfume with Pheromones: How This Love Potion Can Attract Women

People believe that looks and attitude are the main factors that make a first impression. While that’s true in general, sometimes scent can be just as powerful. The best part? This can be enhanced by using a perfume with pheromones.

Pheromones in a Nutshell

All animals produce certain chemicals called pheromones. These substances become extremely helpful when it comes to navigating the social and mating scene within one’s species.

Unlike hormones that work internally to ensure that all your systems are functional, pheromones work externally so you could affect how others will behave around you. The most obvious way that pheromones do this is by triggering attraction and sexual desire.

People usually think that pheromones are something you can smell, although the more appropriate term is that it’s something we could detect or feel. At this point, more research is needed to figure out how exactly humans are able to “detect” pheromones, when we can’t directly smell them.

What’s important now, however, is that we know how the presence of pheromones can increase one’s desirability. And it's not just a matter of sex, but also one of confidence and workplace leadership.

By using pregnenolone cream or pregnenolone supplements, the levels of the compound in the body increases, and this brings about various benefits such as fatigue relief, and delay of the aging process.

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How Male Pheromones Affect Women

Male pheromones don’t simply make straight women (or gay men) want to be with you. Their effects can be a little more complicated than simply being a sexual appeal booster.

For example, here's a short list of how some pheromones work:

  • Androstadenone: Attracts people to you in an intimate manner
  • Beta-Androstenol: Boosts a man’s sociability
  • Andorstenol: Makes women approach you more
  • Epiandrostenone: Enhances a man’s youthfulness
  • Androstenone: Boosts overall attractiveness

If you’re expecting potential dates to head straight to bed with you upon using pheromone products, you’re going to be disappointed. That's not how everything works. Yes, people will likely feel that something about you is alluring, but this effect is subliminal rather than straightforward.

For example, having more of the right pheromones can make people around you feel more comfortable and eager to spend time with you. On the other hand, having low amounts of pheromones can literally make you smell unpleasant. As a result, others may feel uneasy and uninterested in you.

Whether you’re using a “love potion” or when your companion sprays some of it on themselves, both of you are guaranteed to have a positive mood around each other. Pheromones don’t only make you appear like a prize to be won, but they also let others know that you're good company.

Is There a Way to Boost Your Pheromones Naturally?

Before you try out any products that promise to boost your sex appeal, the following lifestyle changes can help tip the balance of your pheromones to your favor:

  • Regular Exercise: Exercise is known to enhance testosterone levels, which is known to help you look and feel more masculine.
  • Minimal Stress: Chronic stress releases too much cortisol, which causes the body to produce less testosterone than usual. Make sure to avoid stress as much as possible.
  • Better Diet: If you plan to maintain a healthy weight through regular exercise, don’t forget about your diet. Like stress, a diet that contains too much unhealthy foods (e.g. salty and sugary food items) can negatively affect testosterone levels.
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    Proper Recovery: Your work and your workout schedules are important, but so is your recovery. Getting proper rest and sleep is essential for testosterone production, which in turn plays a huge part in pheromone production.

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Supplementing Your Natural Pheromones with “Love Potions”

Once you’ve committed yourself to a healthier lifestyle, an increase in pheromones will just happen naturally. But what if you want to further enhance how your body gives off these pheromones?

That’s where pheromone-enhanced perfumes come in. Most of these “love potions” contain the androstadienone pheromone — a chemical that makes others want to feel physically and emotionally close to you.

What’s So Special About Androstadienone?

Out of all the pheromones available, why do perfume manufacturers choose androstadienone as their main ingredient?

That’s because it’s the pheromone that makes people feel at ease with the man wearing it. Additionally, this also makes the wearer feel more comfortable in his own skin.

In effect, this puts a man’s date in a carefree mood, all while appearing more sexually appealing to their date. True to its name, “love potions” increase the chance of two people building a solid impression on each other on their first date. Of course, that could definitely lead to the next one.

However, it’s worth noting that androstadienone may have a different effect on the straight man, compared to its effects on straight women and gay men. The right amount can make a straight man feel generous towards his date or companions, but too much of it can put him in a bad mood.

The great effects of androstadienone doesn’t stop at attraction, though. It can also help a man become better at picking up non-verbal and emotional cues from other people.

Overall, androstadienone works great for all purposes, whether you wish to boost your sexual prowess or simply want to be better at relating with others.

What About Other Pheromones?

Androstadienone-infused perfumes are great because they're versatile and can be used in almost all situations. However, the right perfume for you will ultimately depend on what you wish to achieve.

For example, some perfumes specialize in making you look more attractive to potential lovers, while others help enhance your confidence in your professional life. These perfumes typically have various pheromone combinations for the best effect.

Human Attraction: The Scent Can Seal the Deal

A man who knows how to present himself well can score instant points in the game of human attraction. However, establishing a good impression isn’t all about looks alone.

Undeniably, a commanding stance can capture anyone’s attention from the get-go, but this attention will not stay for long if you’re not able to stimulate their other senses. A high-quality perfume with pheromones can help step up your game and make your scent more inviting for someone whom you wish to pull into your orbit.


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