Testosterone Cypionate Cycle: What You Should Know About Anabolic Steroids

Testosterone Cypionate Cycle 3d render of testosterone cypionate with syringe

Here at Anabolic Health, we do not advocate the use of anabolic steroids and testosterone cycles. We are firm in the belief that, to reap the benefits of optimal testosterone and hormonal health, one only needs to have the right lifestyle and diet. Of course, we have no control over other people’s actions and the best that we can do is to educate them. And, if you decide to try a testosterone cypionate cycle, the best that we could do is provide crucial information you need to know.

Beet Root Powder Dosage for Erectile Dysfunction: Everything You Need to Know

Beet Root Powder Dosage for Erectile Dysfunction beetroot juice

​Countless men wish to know the right beet root powder dosage for erectile dysfunction. But before dwelling on the dosage, let’s first understand the need for supplementation in the form of beetroot powder.

5 Foods That Lower Testosterone: What You Need to Remove From Your Table

foods that lower testosterone

​Foods that lower testosterone can be dangerous to your health – and we are specifically talking to those who are already past the age of 40, the age when men’s testosterone levels start to dip.

Increase Penis Girth Exercises: Because We All Know Size DOES Matter

Increase Penis Girth Exercises

​Many men have been looking for increase penis girth exercises. Recognizing that size indeed matters, a lot of men search far and wide for ways to increase penis size. ​In this article, we will see take a look at how these exercises work and show the ones that can potentially help with penis enlargement.

Polyrhachis Ant: What You Need to Know About Its Extract

Polyrhachis Ant strong ant

​The Polyrhachis Ant extract has been regarded in Chinese Traditional Medicine as a tonic for restoring what they believe to be the body’s jing energy. The Jing energy is a concept in Chinese traditions as the basis for life and its creation. It is believed to be the basis for all the tissues in our body including the sexual fluids and reproductive cells of both genders. In general, the quality of one’s jing energy determines the quality and length of life a person and their offspring.

Shorten Refractory Period: Dodging Disruptions During Nights of Passion

Shorten Refractory Period sleeping man with two women beside him

​“How to shorten refractory period?” Truth be told, it isn’t a common question – although it’s something you’d want to find the answer to as soon as possible if you wish to remain (or become) a multi-orgasmic male. After an orgasm, the penis becomes soft, a sense of satisfaction is achieved, and any desire for sexual activity is non-existent. This phase is called the male refractory period – a normal post-ejaculation reaction that’s due to the drastic adjustment in hormone levels.

Progesterone Cream for Men: The Antidote for Man Boobs


Progesterone can be used to increase testosterone levels, fight hair loss and man boobs, lower estrogen levels and keep men healthy when aging. It turns out that progesterone is more than just a pregnancy hormone for women.