Pine Pollen Dosage: Learn More About This Superfood

Pine Pollen Dosage pine pollen

What’s the right pine pollen dosage? If you’re trying to find the answer to that question, you should at least start with the basics—know what the supplement really is and what it can actually offer. Pine pollen, from the name itself, is pollen from a pine tree. Manufacturers don’t use the same pine tree species, though they usually stick with the more common ones like Pinus tabulaeformis and Pinus massoniana. From being a Chinese traditional medicine treasure, pine pollen has been dubbed as one of this century’s top superfoods for its benefits to the human body.

Pine Pollen Powder: Benefits, Side Effects & Key Reminders

Pine Pollen Powder male body from protein powder

Pine pollen powder is among the most potent of all known plant sources of testosterone. The pollen comes from the male pine cones of Pinus massoniana or Pinus tabulaeformis. While all pine tree species produce pine pollen, these two are among the most commonly used when it comes to making supplements. Likewise, they’re the usual choice in traditional Chinese medicine.

Polyrhachis Ant: The Miraculous Chinese Extract That’s Finally Made It’s Way To The West

Polyrhachis Ant strong ant

​The Polyrhachis Ant extract has been regarded in Chinese Traditional Medicine as a tonic for restoring what they believe to be the body’s jing energy. The Jing energy is a concept in Chinese traditions as the basis for life and its creation. It is believed to be the basis for all the tissues in our body including the sexual fluids and reproductive cells of both genders. In general, the quality of one’s jing energy determines the quality and length of life a person and their offspring.