What Does Testosterone Do: The Ultimate Guide For Men

Man in a suit pointing to the side against a gray background, symbolizing the power and confidence often associated with testosterone.

Testosterone is part of a group of hormones called androgens – the kind of hormones that regulate the development of male characteristics in humans. Special cells called Leydig cells in the testes are mainly responsible for testosterone production. What does testosterone do?

Low Testosterone in Young Men: Don’t Underestimate This Red Flag

A focused man with low testosterone in young men lifting a dumbbell with one arm against a white background.

​While most of us know how testosterone levels naturally decline in aging males, there’s still little awareness on how alarming low testosterone in young men can be on their long-term health. ​After all, testosterone deficiency opens the door for serious health complications such as prostate cancer, obesity, and even depression. As the primary male sex hormone, testosterone is heavily linked to how well your brain and body can function.

Testosterone Test Kit Home: Your T Under Your Control

A gloved hand holding a Testosterone Test Kit labeled "home test" in a laboratory setting.

A testosterone test kit home edition offers you a convenient way to test your levels of this essential sex hormone. Having abnormal levels of testosterone can affect your overall health and well-being. By doing a test to check if you have low testosterone, you can take steps to increase your levels as soon as possible.