Fingerroot Health Benefits for Men: Libido, Fertility, and More!

A cluster of fresh fingerling potatoes and fingerroot on a wooden surface.

Fingerroot is an Asian herb that is known by many names. It is sometimes known as Chinese ginger, lesser ginger, lesser galangal, tropical crocus, temukunci, resurrection lily, and others. It has been used in traditional and alternative medicine for a lot of the regular aches and pains. Modern science suggests that there is more to this local herb, which is why it is also the subject of medical studies. In this short guide we explore the potential benefits of fingerroot, its pros and cons, and how you can benefit from its use.

Pine Pollen & Testosterone: Benefits of This Natural Anabolic Steroid

Muscular man, bowl of yellow Pine Pollen powder, and pine branch with cones.

Why take pine pollen? Testosterone is important since the hormone plays a vital part in general development, fertility, physical strength, and sexual desire, among others—and yes, pine pollen actually contains testosterone.