Tongkat Ali Extract: Ultimate Guide to the Best Testosterone Booster

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By using pregnenolone cream or pregnenolone supplements, the levels of the compound in the body increases, and this brings about various benefits such as fatigue relief, and delay of the aging process.

You probably keep hearing about how Tongkat Ali extract is quite literally God’s gift to men. The truth isn’t far off – Tongkat Ali really is THAT GOOD for improving male health. For centuries, men in Thailand and Malaysia have been using it as an aphrodisiac and treatment for erectile dysfunction.

However, despite its reputation, there is nothing mystical about Tongkat. The benefits of Tongkat Ali root extract are all backed by science, and in this article, you’ll know exactly why it is the ultimate aid for male enhancement.

We consider Tongkat Ali the #1 testosterone booster on the market. If you want results, Tongkat is what you have been looking for!

What Is Tongkat Ali?

Tongkat Ali is a plant that is native to the Southeast Asian region. It grows in the rainforests of Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand.

In Malaysia, the herb is known as Tongkat Ali. You might not be able to recognize it in the other two countries because the Tongkat Ali Indonesia name is Pasakbumi (or Pasak Bumi), and in Thailand, it is called Tung Saw. In the western hemisphere, it is known as LongJack. Its scientific name is Eurycoma Longifolia.

There’s one specific part of the plant that is used to create male enhancement supplements though – the root. That’s why you have to be careful if you want to buy Tongkat Ali.

Don’t just go for any that claim they contain Tongkat Ali extract. The best tongkat ali supplement contains root extracts specifically.

Tongkat Ali extract has properties that enhance your libido, boost your testosterone levels, and build lean muscle.

What Are the Uses of Tongkat Ali?

Traditional medicine highlights its role in restoring the balance of yin and yang, and supporting better flow of Qi. Qi is the flow of life force in the body and other herbs that also affect Qi is for example Panax Ginseng.

Today, the main Tongkat Ali benefit is considered its role in boosting sexual function. Longjack root also promotes many other health benefits by affecting various tissues besides the reproductive organs. These  benefits include:​

  • Improved Energy Levels and Stamina
  • Better Blood Circulation
  • Better Sexual Performance
  • Improved General Well-Being
  • Enhances Fat Burning and Muscle Building Processes
  • Better Control of Blood Sugar Levels and Cholesterol
  • Protection Against Malaria and Other Contagious Diseases
  • Stronger Immune System

The best tongkat ali supplements can enhance various factors of sexuality, including fertility, ejaculation, erection potency, libido and sperm quality.

What The Science Says About Tongkat Ali Benefits

Over the past decades, scientific studies have been carried out on this ancient herb to determine if Tongkat Ali extract works as traditional medicine says it does.

Numerous studies were able to demonstrate the following Tongkat Ali effects:


Increased Testosterone Levels​

There is one main reason behind the popularity of Tongkat Ali, and that is testosterone. Testosterone levels naturally decline as a man ages. This is called andropause.

But while it’s a fact of life, you can still do something about it. The aging process cannot be altogether stopped but the levels of testosterone can be maintained within normal young levels. Tongkat Ali extract may also be used to help treat symptoms related to menopause, the female version of andropause.​ So it's not only a herb for men!

Tongkat Ali extract is a natural testosterone booster and can almost be as effective for some men as synthetic testosterone injections (TRT) are,  but without the nasty side effects.​

Artificial TRT injections raise T levels and can influence the Leydig cells which are located in the testes in a negative manner. Eventually the Leydig cells will stop making testosterone, shutting down your natural testosterone production because you are now supplying it artificially. The problem that most guys never get told is that this shutdown can be permanent to different degrees if used longterm.

Tongkat Ali works in a more sustainable manner. It promotes the growth and development of more Leydig cells. Instead of driving existing Leydig cells to work harder, it helps increase the number of Leydig cells in the testes. This would mean more cells working normally to produce more testosterone.

Not only is this action more sustainable, it is safer in the long term. The massive influx of testosterone from testosterone injections may lead to much of it converting into estrogen. This may lead to an even worse condition than before.​

Let’s talk about one of the most dreaded Tongkat Ali Side effects – hair loss. Many people believe that since Tongkat Ali boosts testosterone levels and excess testosterone results in hair loss (false claim by the way), they might end up losing hair. That is not likely to happen with Tongkat Ali.

Tongkat Ali extract also helps maintain overall hormonal balance. In particular, it affects SHGB (sex hormone binding globulin). As the name implies, this protein binds with sex hormones and makes them inactive.​

The problem with SHGB is that even though there can be a lot of testosterone in the body, the body might not be able to use it because SHGB binds to the testosterone on a cellular level and keeps it from exerting any effects.

When you use Tongkat Ali, testosterone bound to SHGB is released. This herb also lowers the overall amount of circulating SHGB. This leads to higher amounts of free testosterone in the blood. Free testosterone molecules are ready to act on the various tissues to promote all the  health benefits that testosterone is loved for.​

One study done on men suffering from hypogonadism demonstrated this effect. Hypogonadism is characterized by having under-functioning testes, with low testosterone levels as one of the symptoms. From this study group, 35% had abnormally low levels of testosterone. By the end of the trial, 90% of men from the study group got back to T levels within normal ranges using Tongkat Ali extract!


Higher Libido

Another thing you can expect from higher testosterone levels is a higher sex drive. Testosterone fuels sexual energy. The more of it you have, the more sexual energy and stamina you have.

This effect is also one of the main reasons that Tongkat Ali longifolia is one of the best male supplements.​

Scientific studies have demonstrated its aphrodisiac effects in animals. A study treated rats, considered past their active reproductive ages with Eurycoma Longifolia extract (Tongkat Ali). Results showed that these animals were transformed into highly sexual animals once again.​

Healthier Sperm

In keeping with the pattern of enhanced sexual functioning, sperm count and quality is also improved.

One study demonstrated that Tongkat Ali extract can improve your semen. Seventy-five men were given daily doses of the extract. At the end of the study period, these men submitted their sperm for overall clinical evaluation. Results showed great improvement in their sperm quality and count, in all semen parameters.​

What’s even better is that these improvements are still evident for months after the study ended. This demonstrated the potent and long-lasting effects on sperm health from using Tongkat Ali extract.​


Better Performance in Bed

What else could you expect from higher testosterone levels and libido but better sex? Tongkat Ali is an amazing aphrodisiac that also greatly improves sexual prowess.

What Tongkat Ali also does is reduce the refractory period, the time needed by a man to recover from an ejaculation and have enough sexual energy and desire (with excellent erection to boot) for another round in the sack.​

Another way that it results in better sex is that Tongkat Ali extract helps improve your erection quality. Men get harder, bigger erections.​

Traditional Chinese medicine even recognized the sexual libido enhancing effect of this herb. Some even consider this as close to a herbal Viagra as you can get, because it is quite effective in improving overall sexual function, including erections and stamina.

Firing power (ejaculation) is also stronger. Add the higher libido, more sperm and faster refractory period and you get a foolproof recipe for a more amazing and satisfying sex life.​

Enhanced Fertility

Higher testosterone levels, higher libido, healthier sperm and better sex life; all of these lead to an increase in fertility status. It may even help those suffering from advanced stages of male infertility.

male enhancement

Potential for Penile Growth

Tongkat Ali does not only make you a better lover by boosting your libido and stamina for sex. It even has the potential to enlarge your penis. Yes, all your dreams might be coming true with this herb, it really is THAT GOOD!

This is great for you and your partner because it means that you can give her more pleasure. In addition, Tongkat Ali extract would enhance your confidence in yourself - and not just in the bedroom.

You might not need expensive penile enhancement pills. Forget the painful contraptions and expensive surgical procedures for now. Tongkat Ali may just help increase penile size in the most natural way.​

Some regular users claim to have observed an increase in the size of their testicles and penis. There isn’t much scientific study on this claimed benefit though. However, there might some truth to this claim. During puberty, the penis grows as a result of the activation and increased activity of the Leydig cells.

We have previously discussed that Tongkat Ali extract stimulates Leydig cells. This stimulation may help in increasing the size of the testicles. This results in more testosterone production and could stimulate penis  growth. There is one study on rats that did demonstrate an increase in penile size while treated with Tongkat Ali.​

There is one study on rats that did demonstrate an increase in penile size while treated with Tongkat Ali.​

Improved Wellbeing and Mood

Tongkat Ali extract can help boost general wellbeing and enhance mood. One study found that it affects both the levels of stress hormone (cortisol) in the body as well as the psychological state. A study group experienced 11% decline in tension,15% decline in confusion, and 12% decline in anger levels.

In this same study, the group also had lower cortisol levels. The reduction was about 16% and testosterone levels also increased by 37%.

Be careful of overdosing though because too much Tongkat Ali can cause the opposite effect. It can lead to agitation and insomnia.​ 

fat loss

Enhanced Fat Loss and Muscle Gain

Tongkat Ali extract is also a powerful tool for burning fat and building muscle. That’s why its one of the most effective body building supplements.

One of the key components for burning fat and building lean muscle tissue is reducing cortisol levels. Doing so will lead to a rise in testosterone levels, placing the body in a condition suitable for quick gains in muscle mass.​

The decline in cortisol and rise in testosterone already promotes a lot of benefits. These conditions are especially helpful for people who experience intense levels of stress, such as those who follow an intense exercise regimen.

In a double-blind controlled trial published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, using Tongkat Ali for just 5 weeks produced an increase of about 5% in lean body mass. Those who took the placebo showed no remarkable increase. This demonstrates the link between Tongkat Ali extract and lean gains.​

The 5% increase in 5 weeks is already a remarkable achievement, even for those who are already following a diet with proper exercises for maximum gains.

One indicator of lean muscle gains in this study was the increase in the circumference of the arms of the members of the study group. By the end of the study, regular intake of Tongkat Ali extract resulted in an increase of the mean arm circumference by 1.8 centimeters.​

Regular intake of Tongkat Ali extract resulted in an increase of the mean arm circumference by 1.8 centimeters.​

athletic performance

Improved Athletic Performance

In a similar manner, longjack extract (Tongkat Ali) helps in achieving peak performance. It can help boost performance and endurance which is especially handy for intense training sessions. In turn leading to  developing better athletic abilities, enabling you to reach new heights in terms of performance as an athlete.

However, you should be careful when using Tongkat Ali for fitness training. This herb is known to increase body temperature and heart rate. Intense exercises also increase body temperature and heart rate. This combination may not be well for people that are prone to overexert themselves, so make sure to take necessary precautions.​ Start on a small dosage and ease into the normal dosage over a few weeks time.

Check your heart rate before, during, and after any intense exercise. Stop and rest if it gets uncomfortably high. Do the same with body temperature and make sure to stay hydrated. Also make sure the training area is well ventilated. Training on hot days may not be a good idea when consuming large amounts of Tongkat Ali.

Types of Tongkat Ali

There is one thing that few people know about Tongkat Ali – that there are at least 3 different kinds:

  • Yellow Tongkat Ali (the most common Longjack variety, also called Eurycoma Longifolia Jack)
  • Black Tongkat Ali (Polyalthia Bullata)
  • Red Tongkat Ali (Jackiopsis Ornate)

They do offer similar benefits, but they are not all created equal since they are different species of plants. Some of them has unique effects compared to each other, but they are all called Tongkat Ali in Malaysia and used traditionally for the same reasons, male enhancement! If you’re buying Tongkat Ali supplements, you need to know about this so you can make the best choice among the three.

Yellow Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia)

This is the most commonly available type of Tongkat Ali and the one we find most in the West. As the name implies, yellow Tongkat Ali has yellow-colored roots.

This is the Tongkat Ali that most of the research has been done on.​


It has been used in traditional medicine as an aphrodisiac and as a treatment for various reproductive issues including erectile dysfunction and infertility.​

Modern studies on longjack extract found that it is effective in raising testosterone levels by as much as 500% in rats. ​

This herb, which is also known as Malaysian ginseng, is widely used for its impact on testosterone levels. It is so powerful in raising testosterone levels and improving men's health that even those suffering from impotence and from andropause can experience improvements.​

Most of the benefits known about Tongkat Ali that were discussed in the previous sections are mainly from the use of this variant.​

However, while it is the most widely used, it is not the most potent. That title belongs to the Black Tongkat Ali.​


Black Tongkat Ali (Polyalthia Bullata)

The black variety is known by many names, some of which are King Kong, Black Tongkat Ali, Black Emperor Tongkat Ali root, Wild black, Sepelih angina, Tongkat Ali baginda, Tongkat Ali Serat and Tongkat Ali Hitam.

Plant Characteristics​

The black Tongkat Ali plant grows into a small tree than the yellow kind. It usually reaches heights of 2-3 meters. The young branches of the tree are covered with fine golden-colored hairs.

The leaves are green, flat and long. These can grow to 30-35 cm (12 to 14 inches) long and 10-12 cm (3 to 4 inches) wide. The tip of the leaves is pointed. Along the shiny surface are 25 to 40 pairs of leaf spines.

The plant bears cream-colored flowers with 6 long petals.

The stems are black, and so are the roots. The roots grow longer than the length of the stems. The taproot is slender. The covering of the root is deep charcoal black. Underneath the bark is white, with the rings colored yellow. The taproot grows up to 2 meters.

This plant is much rarer compared to the yellow type. This is also the most prized type for men. As a result, Tongkat Ali price for this variety is usually higher.​

The taste is relatively light. It does not have the same level of bitterness that yellow Tongkat Ali has.

Benefits of Black Tongkat Ali Extract

Just like the other variants of Tongkat Ali, its most notable effects are on libido, fertility and virility. However, this is considered the best tongkat ali variety because of its more potent sexual effects.

It can also be deemed as the best variety of Tongkat Ali for women as it also improves sexual vitality in women, strengthens the bones (which is a common problem among women), and cures some vaginal conditions such as dryness.

This Tongkat Ali variety is traditionally used as an overall health tonic. It has an excellent nutritional profile. In addition to improving male vitality, it can provide the following benefits:​

  • Treatment for Malaria
  • Promotes Muscle Formation
  • Improves Impotence
  • Strengthens the Kidneys
  • Relieves Edema
  • Promotes Diuresis
  • Reduces Symptoms of Arthritis
  • Relieves Pain
  • Helps With Regulating Cholesterol Levels

Active Ingredients:

  • Bisdehydro-O-Methlyisopiline
  • Bisdehydroaporphine Alkaloid
  • Dehydronomuciferine-7-Dehydro-O-Methylisopiline

These ingredients help in promoting the above mentioned benefits as well as supporting the following positive effects on health:

  • Improves Erectile Dysfunction
  • Increased Levels of Performance, Physical Sensitivity, and Mental Abilities
  • Enhanced Endurance, Stamina, and Energy Levels
  • Enhanced Ability to Deal With Mental Exhaustion and Fatigue
  • Improves Muscle and Skin Tone
  • Faster Healing and Recovery Time From Surgical Operations and Illnesses
  • Helps Paralysis and Weakness in the Legs and Back

Pharmacological studies on this herb found that it contains compounds called glycosides and saponosides. These compounds can also help produce the following additional benefits in men:

  • Cleanses and Purifies Blood and Improves Blood Flow
  • Increased Testosterone Levels
  • Stimulates the Production of Robust, Healthy Sperm (Motility is Also Enhanced) 
  • Helps Improve Symptoms of Sexual Dysfunction

Black Tongkat Ali has a brackish, somewhat bitter taste. It’s not as bitter as the yellow Tongkat Ali though. It also has a slight tangy, sourness to it, from the small amount of acetate it contains.

Black Tongkat Ali Herbal Blends

Black Tongkat Ali is often available blended with other ingredients and herbs. Traditionally it is also common to mix the various kinds of Tongkat Ali with each other for maximum benefits. 

Black Tongkat Ali can be mixed with black seeds (Habbatussauda) and ginseng, then further made into Tongkat Ali ginseng coffee.


The root may also be boiled together with plants such as Ubi Jaga (Smilax Myosotiflora). The effect of this herb is similar to the action of Tongkat Ali, specifically its aphrodisiac properties.​

A popular blend in Malaysia is called Black Jack. Black jack is a balanced blend of the two best Tongkat Ali types for men. It has the Polyalthia bullata king (Tongkat Ali hitam or Black Tongkat Ali) and Eurycoma Longifolia Jack (the common yellow Tongkat Ali).

This combination is quite potent. It enhances the effects of both variants, resulting in greater results. It’s a synergistic blend wherein they both complement and potentiate the effects of each other, providing a wide spectrum of beneficial effects.

How to Take Black Tongkat Ali Blends

The Black Jack blend is most commonly available in capsule form. The standard Tongkat Ali dosage of this blend is 2 capsules taken in the morning and 2 capsules taken at night. This will be the daily dosage for the first 1-2 weeks. For the next weeks after that, the Tongkat ali dosage should be 2 capsules only, taken at night.

​If you're taking Black Tongkat Ali to address specific male issues or to increase male energy, the recommended daily longjack dosage is slightly different. Take 2 capsules 3 times per day for the initial 1-3 months. The next weeks after that will be 2 capsules once per day, after a meal.

The effects of Black Jack are not immediate, despite the combination of two potent varieties of Tongkat Ali. The effects are typically evident after 1-2 weeks of continued use.​


Consult a doctor before taking Black Tongkat Ali. It is safe for general use but some people may have conditions that may not be good if taking Tongkat Ali. People suffering from diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure must consult their doctors first.

After 1 week of taking Black Tongkat Ali, check in with your doctor again to see if any unwanted side effects have developed because of your conditions.


Red Tongkat Ali (Jackiopsis Ornate)

This variety is called Tongkat Ali Merah (Jackiopsis Ornata, Jackia Ornate or Stema Tuberosa). This variety is deemed the best when it comes to general health benefits and well-being.

About the Plant​

The Jackiopsis Ornata tree is very rare. It only grows along the slopes of the virgin rain forests in Peninsular Malaysia. Traditional Malay herbalists also call this herb akar haji samad.

The leaves are soft and smooth, and the largest among the 3 variants of Tongkat Ali plants. Traditionally, the roots of the red Tongkat Ali plant are used for the following purposes:​

  • Relief of Joint Pain
  • Relief of Back Ache
  • Enhance Sexual Potency
  • Increase Energy

There is no detailed information regarding the active ingredients of the red Tongkat Ali. However, it does offer benefits similar to the yellow and black varieties:

  • Higher Stamina and Energy Levels
  • Treatment of Any Kind of Sexual Dysfunction
  • Controls Blood Viscosity
  • Relief of Back and Bone Ache
  • Reduction in Joint Pain
  • Warming Up the Body, Increasing Circulation

How to Take Red Tongkat Ali

Red Tongkat Ali has a more pleasant taste than yellow Tongkat Ali. The taste is reminiscent of ginseng. This characteristic earned this herb the name “red Malaysian ginseng”. This herb also has a bitter taste to it, though.

It is traditionally consumed as a tea. Slices of dried root, about 3-4 pieces, are soaked in hot water and steeped for 3 minutes. About 6-8 dried root slices are used for making a whole pot of tea. The pot of tea is boiled for several minutes for a stronger brew.

The taste can be improved by adding lime or lemon. Natural sweeteners such as honey may also be added to improve the taste. 

The root chips may be boiled several times until the tea is no longer bitter. Once the bitterness is lost, the root chips are no longer effective and should be discarded.

Aside from tea, red Tongkat Ali may be added to soups for a revitalizing and invigorating meal.​

Red Tongkat Ali Herbal Blends

Red Tongkat Ali root may be blended with other herbs or kinds of Tongkat Ali. It can be mixed with Euricoma longifolia jack (yellow Tongkat Ali). It is also traditionally blended with the following herbs:

  • Ginseng​
  • Ubijaga (Smilax Myosotiflora)
  • Gingko Biloba

Most often, the blend is in powder form and taken as Tongkat Ali coffee. The fine powder may also be placed in capsules or tablets for greater ease in taking the supplement and for more controlled dosing. The standard Red Tongkat Ali dosage for daily consumption is 2 grams.

General Safety Precautions

Always inform your health care professional about using Tongkat Ali, especially in the following circumstances:

  • Undergoing Any Surgical Procedure
  • Staring Any Type of Treatment, Such as for High Blood Pressure
  • Starting Any Medication

Important: Never exceed the recommended daily dose. More will not always lead to quicker results.

Tongkat Ali supplements should be stored properly to keep its potency. Place it somewhere away from direct sunlight and heat. It should also be in a place with low humidity.

If you experience adverse effects while using any type of hormonal supplements it is always a good idea to do a blood test and check your levels:

For lab tests we highly recommend using MyLabFax as they offer very competitive pricing and a wide array of packages as well as single metric tests.

It's as easy as:

  • check
    Order the test online.
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    Results will be available to view online in 3-4 days.
how to take tongkat

How to Choose the Best Tongkat Ali Supplement

To get the benefits safely, you must make sure that the supplement is of high quality. There are lots of counterfeit tongkat ali products out there. Some of these counterfeit products could be harmful to you since they can contain sildenafil (Viagra) and similar derivatives.

You should be especially careful with sellers that promote their product as just “Tongkat Ali.” You should only buy “Tongkat Ali root extract” After all, the active ingredients can be found in the root. Some vendors take advantage of gullible people by selling extracts from leaves.​

The best tongkat ali supplement comes from root extracts harvested from plants that grow in rain forests.​

This means that the Tongkat Ali plant grew in pristine environments, away from pollution, toxic runoff, pesticides and insecticides from agricultural practices, chemical fertilizers and all other artificial compounds.

In the rainforest, the ground is fertile and unpolluted. The soil is made rich by decomposing plant debris. There is nothing artificial in this environment. No pesticides, no chemical fertilizers, and no insecticides.​

Long jack root harvested from rainforests are likely to be organic, non-toxic, and uncontaminated. That means greater potency with less potential for adverse or side effects.

Once the roots are harvested, these are thoroughly washed then dried. The roots are washed and dried again. The second drying process will aim to remove at least 95% of the moisture from the roots. Next, specialized equipment is used to chip the roots and package them into consumable forms such as Tongkat Ali powder, Tongkat Ali tea and root chips.

You should also buy those that indicate the extract strength. Tongkat Ali extract in concentrations that are too low will not give you any noticeable benefits.​

The strength is indicated in ratio form. The number refers to the amount of root (in grams) used to get exactly 1 gram of extract. So if a supplement markets itself as 50:1, it means that 50 grams of Tongkat Ali root were used to make just 1 gram of the extract.​ We recommend you to look for 200:1 Tongkat Ali extracts.

Where to Buy Tongkat Ali

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Tongkat Ali is internationally available. If you need Tongkat Ali in Australia, you can buy from local stores and online. If you’re looking for Tongkat Ali in UK, you can get it from Amazon UK. Check out tongkat ali reviews from the actual products to make sure it is of good quality.

Tongkat ali GNC also looks to be legit. Eurycoma Longifolia GNC is actually Source Naturals Tongkat ali and its extract is sourced from the root itself.​

Testojack 100 from Now Foods is another good option. The manufacturer make use of 100 grams of root to get a gram of the extract contained in the Testojack product.

The best brands and formulas have 200:1 ratios. However, you will notice that the Tongkat ali price for strong formulas are usually higher.​ The more it costs, the more bang for your buck you will get!

Lower concentrations such as the Testojack 100 are still effective though. Tongkat ali review posts on this brand’s Amazon page rave about how the effects are noticeable even with the lower extract strength.​

You can just start from there, and consider working your way to a higher dosage or extract if it does not work for you initially.

Tongkat Ali lj100 extract is pretty good too, with a 100:1 ratio and the extract is sourced from the root.

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Until then, here is our favorite pill and powder Tongkat Ali extract products on the market today:

How to Take Ali Root

There are many ways to use Tongkat Ali. It can be bought in its whole root form, in powdered form or in liquid extracts or Tongkat Ali pills.

Proper dosing and cycling is important to get the most long-term benefits from Tongkat Ali.

Cycling is needed. You need to go on a break after a few weeks of use or it will lose its beneficial effects. The length of the break period should be around 40% of the length of the cycle.

You can decide to take Tongkat Ali extract supplements for 8 straight weeks. Go on a break period that lasts for 3.5 weeks (40% of 8-week cycle) and then resume taking Tongkat Ali again. This extended dosing protocol is best for building muscle.

You may even decide to take the supplement for 5 days on, then take 2 days off, then resume to taking it for another 5 days, break for 2 days, and so on. It depends on your goals.​ A 5/2 dosing schedule is best for sexual effects.

Take a previous example in this article. The recommendation is to take longjack supplements to address male issues (e.g., erectile dysfunction, male infertility, low T-levels, etc.) for 1-3 months. You decided to try it first and settled on taking it for 1 month. After 1 month, assess how your body responded to the supplement. If you like the effects and wish to continue, wait for 12 days before resuming taking the supplements.

The reason for cycling is to lower your chances of developing tolerance. This is the condition wherein the body becomes used to the effects of Tongkat Ali. If tolerance happens, you will be needing a higher dose in order to keep the body responsive to Tongkat Ali. Otherwise, you will be taking the same dose and not see any further improvement.

Cycling is giving your body time to adjust to the absence of Tongkat Ali. By the time you start your next cycle, it will be like taking the supplement for the first time, once again.

Cycling makes the cells more receptive to Tongkat Ali. It’s like spending time away from a loved one allowing for some time to miss each other. By the time you get reunited, it’s like seeing each other for the first time again and rekindling the passion in the early days of your romance. (That was quite melodramatic, but hey, Tongkat Ali does influence romance and passion so why not use that kind of analogy?)

Ultimately, Longjack is not just another male enhancement supplement – it is THE ULTIMATE supplement for men.

Alex Eriksson (Research Analysis)

Alex Eriksson is the founder of Anabolic Health, a men’s health blog dedicated to providing honest and research-backed advice for optimal male hormonal health. Anabolic Health aspires to become a trusted resource where men can come and learn how to fix their hormonal problems naturally, without pharmaceuticals.

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