MuscleTech Testosterone Booster Review: Does This Product Really Work?

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Testosterone is the King Hormone because its mechanisms allow men to be, well, manlier. With high testosterone levels, men can enjoy more energy, high sexual drive, and more muscle mass. Poor diet, lack of exercise, and stress can wreak havoc on your testosterone levels, but supplements such as MuscleTech testosterone booster promise to remedy that.

There are a lot of supplements offered on the market today and it can be tough to find which ones really work. This muscletech testosterone booster review will help you make the decision.

Muscletech 100% premium testosterone booster is especially designed for men who take health and fitness seriously. It claims to be specially formulated to give you an energy and endurance boost.

Benefits of Taking the MuscleTech Testosterone Booster

When you take MuscleTech test booster, you’ll get to:

  • Boost Testosterone Production - With the help of shijalit, maximum level of bioactive components like dibenzopyrones and fulvic acid are produced. These ingredients are powerful testosterone boosting compounds which help men build stronger and healthier bodies.
  • Have Higher ATP Levels - Concentrated shijalit are proven to promote higher ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) levels in the body, which results to a huge energy and endurance boost. This allows you to work out more and build muscle mass.
  • Increase Free Testosterone - In a matter of 7 days, MuscleTech test booster can increase the kind of testosterone that can be readily used by the body. That works with the help of boron citrate which is also clinically proven to decrease estradiol.
  • Get a Quick Energy and Mood Boost -The boost in ATP levels as well as the anabolic properties of this formulation will give you a quick energy boost. It can also stimulate dopamine production, leading to improved mood.
  • Increase Libido - In just a few days, you will notice an increase in your sex drive as well as performance in bed after taking a testosterone booster.

MuscleTech Test HD Review – Does MuscleTech Testosterone Booster Work?

The list of benefits that MuscleTech testosterone booster provides are backed by science, as you’ll see below. So what makes MuscleTech Testosterone booster effective?

The MuscleTech testosterone booster is a supplement that contains organo-mineral compounds such as shilajit and boron that have been proven to naturally increase testosterone levels.​

One of its active ingredients - Mucuna Pruriens - also boosts the effectiveness of the compounds by protecting your body from the effects of stress. Stress, after all, can cause your t levels to plummet.​


Shilajit is a rocky substance or dark tar that is collected from rocks deep in the Himalayas. This ingredient is widely used in traditional Indian medicine or Ayurveda.

Through the years, shijalit extract has been proven to provide major health benefits. Indian medicine considers it a healing substance since it contains over 85 different minerals available in ionic form, and these minerals include calcium, boron citrate, potassium, and iron which all help in keeping the body in optimum health.

For starters, shilajit has been proven to boost ATP blood levels in 15 days. This is crucial because it gives the supplement anabolic properties. ATP or Adenosine triphosphate is a compound that enables your body to use energy for things like muscular contraction.

This is crucial not just for the average person’s everyday energy needs but also for those who are into more demanding activities such as bodybuilding. With ample ATP levels, you can increase insulin sensitivity and as a result, your body is able to use up glycogen for energy more effectively.

This substance has been proven to boost natural testosterone production while promoting a healthy production of semen.​



MuscleTech is also formulated with concentrated boron which is clinically tested to boost free testosterone in 7 days.

Boron is an essential trace mineral that facilitates various bodily processes. You need to eat foods that naturally contain this mineral to guarantee overall health.

There is another way to obtain boron so that your body can function properly. With more people suffering from boron deficiency today, boron citrate supplements are available on the market.

One of the common benefits of taking this mineral is that it has been proven time and again to boost testosterone levels for men.The study was not at all commissioned by enterprising organizations looking to make a quick buck on the supplements market. It also produced clear and significant results regarding the effects of boron on T levels. It can also decrease the levels of female hormone such as estradiol.

Not only has it been proven to increase free testosterone levels by as much as 28%, but it can also boost dihydrotestosterone (DHT) levels by as much as 10%.

Keep in mind that free testosterone is the most active form of the hormone. It means that it is the kind of testosterone that is readily available for bodily processes. As a result, you can optimize your work out sessions because this kind of testosterone is the one that initiates the muscle building process.

Velvet Bean (Mucuna Pruriens)

Another key ingredient that is proven to boost testosterone levels is mucuna pruriens. This vine is commonly found in India, the Caribbean, and Africa.

It’s also known as velvet bean and contains L-dopa, a direct precursor amino acid from dopamine (THE reward compound). This compound is a neurotransmitter which plays a vital role in sleep, cognition, behavior, movement, and other bodily functions. As mentioned, it helps you manage stress.

Mucuna pruriens is included in many natural testosterone supplements because it stimulates the production of dopamine, which in turn stimulates testosterone production.​

mucuna pruriens

This is because of the action of dopamine on a hormone called prolactin. Prolactin regulates breast milk production in women as well as feelings of sexual gratification. High levels of prolactine affect the leydig cells in the testes, the part of the male reproductive system that is responsible for testosterone production. As a result, T levels decrease.​

Dopamine inhibits the effects of prolactin, allowing you to enjoy higher testosterone levels.​

supplement facts

Should You Take MuscleTech Test HD Booster?

Among the common problems that men in the US encounter today is low testosterone. The condition is called andropause. The problem is that some men don’t know that they have low levels of testosterone in the body. You may take a testosterone level test from a clinic or check for symptoms.

If you experience any of the following symptoms of low T-Levels, you might want to try taking a natural testosterone booster.​

  • Fatigue
  • Difficulty Concentrating
  • Difficulty Sleeping
  • Muscle Loss and Weakness
  • Low Sex Drive
  • Reduced Enjoyment and Quality of Life
  • Low Motivation
  • Low Sperm Count That Leads to Difficult Reproduction
  • Mood Swings

What’s even better about Muscletech testosterone booster is that it’s an all-natural supplement so it’s not going to hamper the body’s natural processes.

MuscleTech hardcore testosterone booster contains potent ingredients that you won’t find in the usual T boosters. These ingredients include include 100mg shilajit, 100mg boron citrate and velvet bean. It also contains tribulus, an herb that is believed to have testosterone building capabilities

MuscleTech Test HD, Hardcore Testosterone Booster

Recommended Dosage and Safety Precautions

You may take this testosterone booster twice daily - one pill in the morning and another one mid-afternoon. Muscletech premium testosterone booster is best taken during workout days.

Before you exercise, you can take one pill to energize your body. During your workout days, you may take the other pill an hour before your workout.​

Remember, only two pills should be taken every day. If you have other health conditions, make sure to consult your physician about taking these pills.

One bottle contains 90 caplets, so you can use it within a month and a half.​

Things We Liked

  • Scientifically-proven health benefits including increased testosterone levels and energy boost
  • This booster requires no cycling period
  • It is all-natural and won’t disrupt normal body functions

Things We Didn't Like

  • Inactive men won’t receive as much benefits
  • Formulation is only for men; it can disrupt hormonal balance in women

Are There Side Effects of Using Muscletech Testosterone Booster?

Aside from boosting testosterone, the testosterone boosters supplied by MuscleTech are proven to improve your energy and mood. However, when taken inappropriately, there are side effects in your body.

MuscleTech booster is specifically formulated for men. When taken by women, it will cause an imbalance in female hormones.

To avoid side effects, it is advised to carefully read the label and follow the directions.​

Foods That Boost Testosterone

Some licensed practitioners prescribe hormone therapy, but that is only for extreme cases. If your purpose is to get an energy boost, experience muscle growth, and enjoy greater libido, you’ll have to go the natural way.

But what is more alarming is that they also don’t know that they can solve this problem with available supplements on the market.

Good thing there are foods that can help you increase your T-levels naturally such as:​

  • Coconut Oil
  • Oily Fish
  • Oysters
  • Grass-Fed Butter
  • Grass-Fed Beef
  • Mushrooms
  • Kelp and Seaweeds
  • Brazil Nuts
  • Cruciferous Vegetables
  • Olive Oil
  • Spinach
  • Pomegranate
  • Avocado
  • Dark Berries
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Macadamia Nuts
  • Almonds
  • Organic Bacon
  • Kimchi and Sauerkraut
  • Celery
  • Turmeric
  • Ginger
  • Chili Peppers
  • Eggs
  • Liver
  • Ceylon Cinnamon
  • Parsley
  • Garlic
  • Onions
  • Basil


You don’t need to suffer from andropause for years. There are natural ways to boost testosterone levels without spending too much.

MuscleTech hardcore testosterone booster contains ingredients that have been proven to work. Try it if you want to enjoy more energy, better sex life, faster muscle building, and improved overall health.​

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