The Egg Diet: THE Superfood for Rapid Fat Loss

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Despite the confusing and conflicting information released in the past years concerning cholesterol, the egg diet can be a viable diet regimen for those who are looking to lose weight or even bulk up and stay fit. A single egg is packed with vital nutrients.

egg nutrition

An egg contains many essential nutrients such as riboflavin, choline, and even biotin. Minerals found in eggs include iodine, iron, phosphorous, selenium, and zinc.

As for vitamins, an egg is a rich source of vitamins D and B12, as well as vitamins A, E, and K. Eggs also have close to no carbohydrates which make them ideal for low carb diets aimed at fat loss.

According to a study on the nutritional value and health benefits of this superfood, a medium-sized, raw chicken egg has approximately 78kcal which can be broken down into about 6.5g of protein and 5.8g of fat (2.3g of which is monounsaturated fats)

Eggs: The Health Benefits

Due to their nutritional value, plenty of studies have been done on egg consumption. Below are only a few of the countless health benefits you can reap from making eggs a major part of your diet – all backed by science!

A High Protein Content for Satiety and Weight Loss

Eggs always make it to our breakfast menu, and in one study on consuming eggs for breakfast, it was found that it enhanced satiety which led to consumers feeling full for longer. Increased satiety means decreased appetite for extra snacks during the day. Eventually, weight loss is easier achievable when your appetite is not in control, while still reaping adequate nutrition through consuming eggs.

A High-Quality Protein for Enhanced Muscle Growth

Eggs protein content gives you a mix of all the essential amino acids, particularly leucine. Leucine plays a role in protein metabolism, muscle protein synthesis, and skeletal muscle mass. It contributes to increased muscle mass, endurance, and recovery which are all beneficial for physically active men and women.

Monounsaturated Fats for a Natural Testosterone Boost​

The best way to boost your testosterone levels without pharmaceutical help of needles or pills, is through diet modification. Try integrating more eggs, especially raw eggs. Testosterone is created from  cholesterol, saturated, and monounsaturated fats which eggs can sufficiently supply.

Selenium That Can Protect Against Coronary Heart Disease (CHD)​

A medium-sized egg may contain 5.7µg of selenium, and that is already a significant nutritional contribution to the average America's diet. In one meta-analysis, it was found that increased selenium concentration in the blood reduced the risks for CHD by 24%. An additional benefit of selenium that the US Food and Drug Administration acknowledges is its potential for cancer risk reduction.

Precautions on Consuming Eggs

Eggs might be a superfood, but there are still some things you have to be careful about. Cholesterol isn't one of those, though.

Contrary to popular belief, eggs are considered a significant source of micro-nutrients in the American diet and are not associated with increased serum cholesterol.​

Personally (Alex, CEO Anabolic Health), I have been on a diet of 12-18 eggs per day for 30 days just to test this, and my total serum cholesterol and LDL actually DECREASED.

It is true that eggs used to be negatively related to cholesterol, but even public health bodies such as the Food Standards Agency and the British Heart Foundation have not disregarded their claims and assure us that there is no need to limit egg consumption. Vince Gironda was right all along!


Egg allergy occurs when the body recognizes egg proteins as foreign and get targeted by the immune system. This overreaction can produce physiological effects such as a difficulty breathing, rashes, stomach problems, and in rare cases, anaphylaxis.

If you, unfortunately, belong to the allergic minority, then it is of course better to avoid eggs.


Hypercholesterolemia is a genetic disease which makes one extra sensitive to dietary cholesterol. For people with this defect, it is advisable to reduce egg consumption to avoid a higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease CVD.

The Traditional Egg Diet For Weight Loss

As a variation of the Atkin's Diet which is a popular low-carb diet, the Traditional Egg Diet primarily aims to reduce carbohydrate intake while maintaining a balance between protein and fat. This diet involves the consumption of at least 2-3 eggs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. More eggs can be consumed as needed depending on how big of a calorie deficit you aim for with your weight loss.

For breakfast, you can have low carb fruits and vegetables. For lunch and dinner, you should have a small portion of lean meat (red meat or poultry).


Salads are allowed while limiting fruit consumption to maximum two servings per day.

Remember that eggs barely have carbohydrates, so before trying the extreme, low-calorie diet versions, make sure you have consulted your doctor and primed yourself first for following a low carb diet, it takes some time for the body to adjust to a low carbohydrate intake.​

Egg Diet Variations

Don't worry. Just because it's called the Egg Diet, does not mean that you'll be eating nothing but eggs. Here are some traditional variations.

The Egg and Grapefruit Diet​

This is perhaps the simplest. With this diet, you just have to eat half a grapefruit in addition to eggs whenever you have lunch, breakfast, or dinner.

Adrian Brody lost 30-pounds in just six weeks with this diet program

Adrian Brody's Version​

This is useful if you're aiming for a high degree of weight loss. Adrian Brody lost 30-pounds in just six weeks with this diet program. It entails having 2 eggs for breakfast, a small serving of grilled chicken for lunch, and some fish and steamed vegetables for dinner.


If you're bulking (build muscle), a balanced diet can be easily enhanced by adding many eggs to it. However, if you believe you are capable of going the extra mile for leaner muscle and weight loss, you don't have to go on an egg-only diet. Try the effective steak and eggs diet!

Steak and Eggs Diet

We have mentioned the benefits of eggs and matching them with a high-protein, low carb steak meal, just makes a great, nutritional tandem. The general rule for this diet is to eat steak and eggs only, both however you want them, twice a day. Extra carbs are easily stored as fats, so reducing them in your diet through the steaks and eggs diet leads to weight loss while retaining muscle mass.

For more details, check out how bodybuilding legend Vince Gironda achieved his chiselled physique through the steak and eggs diet. You can start your diet today with this simple steak and eggs recipe.​

Egg Fast Diet​

If you are an adventurous health buff who has tried several fast diets before including low-calorie, healthy foods, you may want to try the egg fast diet. The egg fast diet is almost an egg-only diet limited to eggs, cheese, butter, and lots of water. Control the carb, salt, and sugar intake.

It follows a ratio of one (1) tablespoon of fat and one (1) ounce of cheese for every egg eaten, usually, hard-boiled egg. This egg diet plan works as the limited food sources optimize the liver's function in processing extra glucose that leads to excess stored fat.​ It is similar to the steak and eggs diet but more extreme.


For any regular, healthy adult, eating at least an egg a day can only result in health benefits. Active individuals may even maximize the advantages of this superfood by engaging in the egg diet that suits their lifestyle.

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