20 Best Pheromones for Men 2018: The Secret to Attract Women

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Ever wonder why some men just seem to have this incredible pull? Women seem to get drawn to them even though they aren’t the most attractive guys in the room, nor the richest. Sometimes, it’s because of pheromones. The right male pheromone can turn you from a nobody to the life-of-the-party. We created this best pheromones for men reviews compilation where we have reviewed all of the best pheromone products on the market so you’ll know how to choose the best kind for your needs.

The way pheromones work is backed and dictated by science. They are naturally produced by animals, including us, humans.

What Are Pheromones?

Pheromones are the chemicals that affect the behavior of other animals of the same species. The way pheromones work is backed and dictated by science.

They are naturally produced by animals, including us, humans. They are so effective that some very clever people have found a way to allow the average Joe to benefit.

Pheromone products are mostly sold as perfumes or colognes, affecting women who smell them. However, there are other types as well, such as gels.


Using a pheromone for man is a tricky business though. Unless you’ve one them before, you’ll never know whether they can work for you -- whether they can create the chemical reactions you need.

Finding out which one works for you will take plenty of trial and error though. If you’re sick of being on the sidelines and you want to mingle and have fun as soon as possible, don’t worry because we developed these best pheromones for men reviews to help you out.

Pheromones are now used to make you seem more attractive, especially to women, and to project social influence.


A Quick Look At The Best Pheromones for Men

Pheromones act in different ways. Some enable you to project raw sexuality, while some make you seem like the most powerful or charming man in the room. We decided to group the pheromone products intro 4 categories to make it easier for you:


For Intense Romance​

Once in your life, you have probably been rejected by a beautiful woman. You may have a special someone who only sees you as a friend or a colleague. With the help of pheromones, you can make her feel like you swept her off her feet.

Romantic attraction pheromones are created to make women feel a strong attraction to whoever uses it. Women will start to constantly think of you, and they become more open to the thought of you being more than just a friend or a colleague.​


XiSt is considered as one of the best pheromone colognes and are especially popular among men who have been placed in the friend zone. Thoughts of you will linger in the minds of women who have been exposed to you wearing this pheromone cologne. It’s something called the imprint effect.

NEW: Nude Alpha GEL

The Nude Alpha Gel is specially designed to make your interactions with women more romantic in a dreamlike way. Women will also perceive you as more attractive and you will also perceive them to be more beautiful due to its beautifying properties. They might get clingy so better use this with caution.


Voodoo is one of the most effective pheromones when it comes to making women obsess over you. It uses the positive memories you have with each other to convince her that both of you should always be together. It may, however, take some effort to learn how to use it.


Certo is formulated to give its user a warm and mysterious aura that is good for stirring a woman’s interest. This ‘magnetic’ quality paves way for romantic feelings to blossom. Women will want to know more about you. This product is especially effective on timid, reserved women.


Swoon differs from most pheromone products since it does not immediately initiate a romantic way for a woman to be interested in you. It has a potent playful effect that adds fun to attract more attention. It does not require you to be more inquisitive. Women will not be afraid to get emotionally attached to you. This is especially effective towards younger women.


For Radiating Raw Sexuality

Have you experienced meeting an interesting woman but unfortunately, she was not sexually attracted to you? There may even be times when the woman you’re dating slowly loses interest in you. It could be because you are not sexually attractive enough.

This might sound painful but fortunately, there is a type of pheromone that can help you turn the tables. Sexual pheromones are designed to make women look at you in a sexual way. Women who were originally not interested in you will find you better and more attractive than other men.​


L2K gives its user a ‘bad guy’ image that is good in seducing women. It gives off a sexy and intriguing vibe that makes women comfortable. You need to have that brooding aura if you want women to notice you and L2K is formulated for that purpose. This is highly recommended for attracting beautiful women.

Aqua Vitae

Aqua Vitae is clinically designed to increase a man’s skill to seduce and attract women. But even if this product increases your attractiveness, you have to immediately show the inner alpha in you. When you get the hang of it, you will clearly see your improvement in communicating with women. Using the Aqua Vitae is recommended when you are going to bars and nightclubs.

Alfa Maschio

Alfa Maschio is designed to give its user the aura of being an experienced individual when it comes to sex. It can also give you a high level of confidence so that you won’t be afraid of rejection when approaching women. You will also have better communicating skills so flirting becomes easier. It will help you to unleash the “inner bad boy” in you.


Evolve-XS is a pheromone that has been modified and developed for years. It is a potent product that makes women socially attracted to you at first. They start conversations and open up first. After a couple of hours, this social attraction turns into a sexual one. Women will then start to flirt and touch you more. What makes this better is that the transition between social and sexual attraction happens naturally.

Dirty Primitive

Dirty Primitive may not be as popular as the other products mentioned above but it has its own perks. This product does not promise you tons of women getting attracted to you. Its advantage lies on the level of attraction that a woman will feel towards you. You wouldn’t have to exert a lot of effort to get her attention.


For Getting The Alpha Male Status

You may have experienced moments in your life when felt like you lacked the confidence and charisma to improve your professional, social, and love lives. Fortunately, Alpha or status products are formulated to help the user improve his body language and boast more charisma.

Your words and actions will be more persuasive and you will have that ‘high status’ aura. It makes people, especially women, feel the need to have you, whether it’s for work or in a relationship.​


Corporativo is a versatile product that makes you sexually attractive to women. It can also enhance your image in the social and professional aspects. Corpo gives you a youthful and charismatic aura while giving you more confidence in the way you communicate with other people. Despite the high status and social power that it gives, people will still see your humility.

Bad Wolf

Bad Wolf is designed to make you confident, both sexually and socially, as well as charismatic. It will push you to go beyond your mental and emotional limits.

Alpha Treasures

Alpha Treasures differs from the other products under the alpha category since it does not give off an intimidating and serious aura. It makes you and the people around you feel good. People will have more trust in your words and actions while being intrigued at the same. If you want to settle and have a long-term relationship then this product can also help you.


AP is designed to make people respect you more. People will see you as a persuasive and natural leader. What’s better is that people will still look at you as an approachable, relatable, and mysterious person.


WOLF is not only used for attracting women. It is also used to help men achieve their social and professional goals. It is an all-around pheromone perfume made for elevating your status both in the social and sexual aspects. WOLF is more effective on younger women.


For Social Boost

You may have experienced awkward moments where you did not know what to do or say, especially in social gatherings. You may have even turned many women off because of your attitude.

Social products seemingly give users an aura that make people think they're great to be with. It’s a magnetic yet intriguing aura that makes even the most difficult women open up to you. Combining a standalone pheromone with the right social product can also increase its effects.​


X22 is a pheromone that lets you grab the attention of many people. It gives you an approachable and cool aura. It also gives you a lot of energy, which is useful when you have to socialize with people when you’re not in the mood.


Hypnotica gives you a mesmerizing quality. When you wear this, people will be seemingly enthralled every time you speak and act. It makes you more open and persuasive when conversing. The people that you are talking to will also be more comfortable with you and they will end up opening to you.


Nude is not specifically designed to be used as a social product. However, this is great when talking to strangers, especially women. You will notice that they will get more social and flirty because they feel more and more comfortable when talking to you.


ConnectionsXS acts like a truth serum. People become so attached and comfortable with you that they can be completely honest when talking to you. This is especially convenient when you want to talk about serious matters in a relationship.


Glace is effective if you want to be a fun and outgoing person. This, however, is not ideal for work or career-related matters. Glace helps you have more fun conversations with your friends or that special someone. It can also be used to minimize the negative effects of aggressive sexual products.

Best Pheromones for Men Reviews:

Romantic Products

XiSt is ideal for men want to escape the friendzone, get back with their girlfriends, make an attractive and romantic impression, and to keep their relationships burning with passion.

Women who are exposed to XiSt tend to have a sudden realization that they are attracted to the person using this product. Any negative impressions of the user will be replaced by positive and warm memories.


It was originally made based on the formula called legendary ‘Instant Boyfriend’ mix from Androtics Direct. This formula was known for making women very possessive towards their partners.​

Things We Liked

  • Imprint effect makes women think of you more and more
  • Women become flirtier, happier, and more comfortable around you
  • Effective on women you just met, which are usually the hardest to talk to

Things We Didn't Like

  • Women may have feel confused at first as to why they are developing these feelings.


Nude Alpha has always been one of the popular pheromones on the market. However, this gel type has been improved to suit the needs of its users.

This product was created to make women feel a strong emotion or crush towards the person using it. It also has an imprint effect therefore you will constantly be in the minds of women. It can give you an alluring aura that interests women to the point that they always want to be close to you.

However, if you are looking for a specific woman to date, use this with caution.

Nude Alpha Gel contains androstenetrione, a powerful molecule that makes you look more attractive.

Things We Liked

  • Imprint effect
  • Effects manifest faster than the original Nude Alpha

Things We Didn't Like

  • Not advisable for hitting up a lot of women
  • Takes time to apply compared to the original oil version

Voodoo was one of the most anticipated products in 2014 but due to its huge demand and lack of ingredients, it took months before it came back.

Its principal components are mainly found in the Amazon rainforest. Real voodoo witches were also asked to cast love and seduction spells on the product.

When using voodoo, you’ll notice that some women try to act like they are already your girlfriends.


Sometimes, they might seem shy and reserved during conversations and this is because they are contemplating on their feelings for you.

Voodoo also has an image enhancer quality that makes you look more attractive.

Things We Liked

  • Positivity towards life
  • More energy

Things We Didn't Like

  • The imprint effect can also work on you so you might think constantly of the women you used this product on


Certo is commonly used by men who want to attract old-fashioned and reserved women. This is recommended to be used on women who want a good man instead of the bad boy type.

Instead of the usual flirting, you will experience a more romantic relationship. It results to you taking things slowly but it ensures a huge fallout effect. Fallout refers to the possessiveness a woman feels as a result of the pheromones.

Androstadienone, one of its main ingredients, is a component known for creating clingy feelings in women. It also makes them want to cuddle more.​

Things We Liked

  • Gives an intriguing aura that interests women
  • Strong fallout effect

Things We Didn't Like

  • Takes hours or weeks of exposure to see the effect
  • Only applicable to one type of woman
  • May have a negative effect on your wellbeing

Swoon is a unique blend of imprint and seduction formula that gives you a fun and sexual vibe that attracts women’s attention. It balances romantic feelings, social value and sexual desire to allure women.

Communicating and building up chemistry are easier due to its social engineering properties. People will also focus more on your words and actions.


Things We Liked

  • Works immediately
  • Strong imprint effect

Things We Didn't Like

  • Women tend to become very jealous every time you are around other people.

Sexual Products


L2K is a strong attraction formula that influences women by giving off a ‘James Bond’ kind of vibe. It can make its user very persuasive.

You do not have to be so smooth in talking or very outgoing to ask a woman for a date. Getting on the next level won’t be hard anymore.

This product is good for escalating the relationship immediately.

However, your male friends may feel awkward around you.

Things We Liked

  • You become very persuasive.
  • You do not have to start the conversation or interaction since most of the time women do it.
  • This is good for attracting beautiful women like actresses or models.

Things We Didn't Like

  • Your male friends might become more distant.

Aqua Vitae is a pheromone product of Liquid Alchemy Labs. It is considered a huge attention grabber since it gives you a celebrity-like aura.

This mostly works on hot and beautiful women. You do not have to say anything in order to get them interested in you. But you will have to act fast or else your chance might be gone before you know it.


That means the interest of women towards you might vanish if you do not do something.

The downside of this product is that it can be extremely hard to use. It might take some time for you to get the hang of using this product.

Things We Liked

  • Works well with other products such as XiSt and Swoon
  • Gives you more confidence and charisma

Things We Didn't Like

  • It takes time to learn how to use it.
  • You have to act fast or its effect will wear off.


Alfa Maschio is a product of Alpha Dream that is uniquely designed to give its user a sexy aura with a touch of ‘bad boy’ vibe. Certain women will not be able to resist you since they will see you as someone who is sexually superior.

Things We Liked

  • You become more calculated when seducing women
  • You become wittier, smarter, and funnier due to the increase of confidence

Things We Didn't Like

  • It has a strong dose of androstenone which can result to immediate frustration over small things

Evolve-XS is a sexual attraction formula. This is convenient when you do not know how to take things to the next level. If you want to mix things up then this product is a perfect match with XiSt.

It is specially designed to take things to the sexual level in a natural and smooth way. It has a balanced mix of sexual, social, and alpha qualities that is useful in many situations.


Things We Liked

  • It blends well with other pheromones
  • You do not have to change your attitude to attract women since this Evolve-XS lets you to be natural

Things We Didn't Like

  • You might get angry immediately


Dirty Primitive is a pheromone oil product with androstenone and Copulins as its principal components. Androstenone is a known alpha male pheromone that makes you look dominant and superior. Copulins, on the other hand, is a high-quality female pheromone.

The science behind Dirty Primitive is that the copulins make other women see you as a desirable man. After all, women find a man attractive is he is in the company of other women.

Things We Liked

  • It gives you a superior aura
  • Having a woman can attract more women

Things We Didn't Like

  • The scent of androstenone and copulins is strong so it is better to limit the amount you apply

Alpha Products

Corporativo is another pheromone product of Alpha Dream. It is one of those underrated products because of its tendency to affect both sexes.

However, Corporativo is actually a versatile pheromone that balances high status, attractiveness, and social qualities to give its user a more professional image.

When you use it, you will give off an entrepreneur type of aura rather than a boss type of vibe. This is ideal to use on younger women.


Things We Liked

  • It improves the way you communicate
  • It enhances your image through its spotlight effect

Things We Didn't Like

  • Men may get jealous when there is a competition for women and this may result in aggressive and rude actions


Bad Wolf is another product of Liquid Alchemy Labs. It is a follow up of Wolf but many people find it dissatisfactory because it’s too scary or intimidating.

Getting the hang of using it is also difficult. However, Bad Wolf was formulated to force its user to have high quality personality traits that may look scary and intimidating to some.

This product is advisable for people who lack confidence. People who feel inferior about themselves will also find this useful.

Things We Liked

  • Gives you so much confidence to get out of your shell
  • You become more persuasive
  • People see you as a charismatic leader

Things We Didn't Like

  • It’s not easy to use and it may take time for you to get the hang of it

Alpha Treasures is an oil-based pheromone cologne that will help you take control and be a good leader. This is especially useful in the workplace where you have to meet deadlines, form relationships, ease conflicts, and meet clients.


Things We Liked

  • It improves the way you communicate
  • It gives you confidence to face high ranking officials especially in your company

Things We Didn't Like

  • This is designed for men who want to build long term relationships so don’t use this if you just want to hit on any woman


APi creates opportunities for you to excel in socializing with others and getting better at your job. It is unscented but there are five scents that come with the bottle so you can choose what cover scent to use. You can even use your favorite cologne.

Things We Liked

  • People will seem to want to be with you all the time
  • It gives off a superior leader aura
  • You can add your favorite cologne as cover scent

Things We Didn't Like

  • Getting the right dosage may not be the same for everyone so you’ll have to experiment

WOLF is designed to improve other people’s trust in the user and make him have a “great leader” vibe. It creates a high social status aura that makes people think that you are the alpha in the group while being approachable. You can also use it to make yourself more sexually attractive to women.


Things We Liked

  • You will immediately become Mr. Popular in the group
  • It relieves anxiety and stress

Things We Didn't Like

  • It is not that effective towards mature women

Social Products


X22 is another underrated product made by Hax Pheromones. It gives you a fun and memorable experience that does not only focus on being social. It can also be used to attract women and gives an alpha vibe. X22 brings out the inner drive in you for you to socialize more and initiate conversations that are more meaningful.

Things We Liked

  • It triggers your enthusiasm and gives you a more exciting aura, making it easier to start conversations
  • It’s a huge attention grabber

Things We Didn't Like

  • You might not know when to keep quiet in a conversation if you use a larger dosage of this pheromone

Hypnotica creates a hypnotic effect whenever you interact with other people. It gives you a mesmerizing and intriguing aura. This will make you very persuasive so it is useful to use in the workplace. This is also good in starting genuine conversations.


Things We Liked

  • This is ideal when dealing with introverted or shy women
  • It gives you the confidence to be more outgoing and social

Things We Didn't Like

  • It may take time for you to be more comfortable during a conversation if it’s your first time using this


Nude is formulated to help you break the ice and start a conversation.

Women, especially younger ones, are more likely to immediately develop a crush on the man with the help of this formula. It is considered the younger brother of Nude Alpha but it has its own qualities to boast of.

Nude also has an image enhancer feature. However, this product is more on starting up a flirty and fun relationship rather than a romantic one.

Things We Liked

  • It has an image enhancer that makes you more attractive
  • It is not strict with dosage unlike other products

Things We Didn't Like

  • The user may also develop a crush on the woman exposed to this pheromone
  • The user may seem childish and immature sometimes

ConnectionsXS is good for building rapport. It allows the user to project trust and understanding to other people.

This is very useful in forging a deep connection with people you just met. It has no scent but you can use it with your favorite cologne or the cover scents that come with it.


Things We Liked

  • You can add your favorite cologne as cover scent
  • This is good for starting serious and deep conversations
  • People will be completely honest with you

Things We Didn't Like

  • This is not for initiating flings


Glace is a product by Alpha Dream formulated for people who want to become that outgoing and funny person who gives life to the party. It is good for stirring up light and fun conversations. This is also a good mix with other alpha products.

Things We Liked

  • It gives you so much confidence to get out of your shell
  • People become more open to you

Things We Didn't Like

  • This is not recommended for starting serious relationships

What You Need to Know Before Using Pheromones for Men

This section should help you prepare yourself for the effects of using these products.

Be Careful of Its Effects on the People You Care About

Pheromone products are known for their strong imprint or fallout effects where women get strongly attached to the user to the point that they might become too clingy.

If you’re looking for a serious relationship then by all means, try them. But those men who just want to have a good time with many women and are not willing to commit should be careful. They might end up hurting other person’s feelings.

Be aware of the consequences of using pheromones. Decide whether you want a flirty relationship or a serious one and use the appropriate product to avoid hurting the feelings of other people.​


Effects on Other People in Your Surroundings

Pheromones mostly have positive effects on its user but it may not be the same case when it comes to the people around them. For instance, the other men in the area might get jealous on you if you attract the attention of most of the ladies. These men might resort to aggressive actions.

There may be times when you feel so confident during a conversation to the point where you do not know when to stop talking. This might irritate other people.​

Amplifying Effects

Mixing different kinds of products is a common practice when you are into pheromones. Mixing these products amplifies their effects. Make sure that the product you choose is flexible and can be mixed with a lot of pheromones.

Manage Your Expectations

The most common self-effects of using pheromones is an increased level of energy and confidence. However, they are not magical love potions. Do not expect to be suddenly surrounded by women fawning all over you. You still need to be at least presentable.


Based on the features, pros, and cons mentioned in these best pheromones for men reviews, XiSt is the clear winner if your goal is to look for your perfect match.

This pheromone product is primarily for building a serious, romantic relationship but it can also be used to flirt with various women. It does not have significant negative effects to the people around you and to yourself. It can also be mixed with a lot of pheromone products such as Evolve-XS and Aqua Vitae.​

​There’s a reason why personal experiences of satisfied customers dominate Amazon reviews – it works, and it can change your life. There is already so much competition in this world. The most beautiful women are sought out by so many men. Level the playing field by using the right male pheromone.

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