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Most of us are living our life completely out of balance. We created this list of top 25 blogs for peak performance to educate our readers about the various natural ways to optimize your body and restore balance.

We understand that finding truthful and high quality  information on the Internet can be a challenging task. This list features blogs that we believe are credible and worth following because of the quality and value they provide in their content.

Please Note: The blogs featured here are arranged in no particular order. We're fans of all of them.

anabolic health top 25 blogs for peak performance
Ergo Log

An ergogenic aid is a substance that can enhance performance. Most people only rely on opinions from other people for discerning if an ergogenic aid is effective and safe. Some are even willing to try almost anything to achieve that winning edge. Ergo-Log is a news website that provides the latest information about ergogenic aids, both legal and illegal.

Since they are a news website, they do not sell, promote or endorse any product, devices or practices relating to ergogenic aids. Because of this you can expect nothing but the truth from Ergo-Log's excellent quality content.

If you are looking for truthful, unbiased information on how to enhance your performance, is the ideal site to visit.

Testosterone Booster Blog

Suffering from low testosterone levels? Are you interested in bringing your T levels into balance? Testosterone Booster Blog contains all the information you need when it comes to increasing your testosterone levels both naturally and with the help of medicine.

This blog also describes the benefits of using HGH, using various testosterone boosters on the market and how to detect if you have low levels of testosterone. The website is quite simple in terms of design but don't be fooled, you get lots of information about boosting testosterone through its quality content.

Peak Testosterone

Founded by Lee Myer, Peak Testosterone is one of the top men’s heath sites on the Internet, rich in useful and informative content about sexual and hormonal issues that most men experience at some point in their life. Lee is passionate when it comes to cardiofitness and exercise, as well as in transforming the middle-aged and older men’s hormonal, sexual and general health to look and feel their 100%.

We highly want to recommend his book 'Natural Versus Testosterone Therapy', which is a real gem on optimizing men's hormones, we consider it essential reading. Lee is also the author of 'Peak Erectile Strength Diet' – a 90 percent plant-based diet that can increase blood flow and boost nitric oxide. Peak Testosterone focuses on the natural ways to improve your sexual health and increase testosterone.

Fat Burning Man

We love blogs where the blogger share truthful, real experiences about products, nutrition and exercise. The Fat-Burning Man is full of such useful information to help you lose weight and be healthy naturally, without starving yourself in the process.

Author of the book ‘The Wild Diet’, Abel James shares his secret fat-burning recipes that are highly effective as well as delicious. Burn fat while eating fat! His book is one of the most enjoyable books about diet we have read.

Abel also hosts a podcast that really shines because of his great personality and many interesting guests. Fat-Burning Man is a highly recommended blog to follow if you want to know more about getting strong, lean and also healthy in the process.

Bulletproof Blog

Do you want to be ‘bulletproof’ in every aspect of your life? Meet Dave Asprey, the founder of Bulletproof who discovered the many secrets on how upgrade your mind and body. Dave’s ingenious Bulletproof program – Bulletproof Diet, Bulletproof Mind and Bulletproof Body unravels the secrets on how to supercharge your body and mind in a natural way. Through this incredible program, Dave lost 100 pounds without starvation, restriction or excessive exercise and utilized techniques to improve his IQ to 150.

His blog is rich in informative, useful content about nutrition as well as tips and tricks to help you succeed with the Bulletproof program. We highly recommend following Dave's blog and especially give intermittent fasting and the Bulletproof Coffee a try, these are two great and enjoyable ways to improve your health.

Marks Daily Apple

Mark Sisson is known as one of the country’s leading authorities on evolution-based fitness, nutrition and health. His blog Mark’s Daily Apple is a paleo health blog filled with no shortage of healthy living tips, fitness advice, real life stories and health-promoting meals. Mark's blog is among the post popular health blogs on the Internet today.

The Blog Section is really informative, with Mark sharing his personal insights and stories for his readers. His writing is light, enjoyable to read and easy to understand. Mark really infuses every post with his personality. There’s also another section about Success Stories which is fun to read and proves the power of paleo based diets. We highly recommend you follow Mark's tips and recommendations when it comes to questions concerning diet and lifestyle.

Ignore Limits

Ignore Limits contains plenty of resources to take both your body and mind to the next level. SJ, the founder of Ignore Limits presents some great tools, strategies and information, including recommendations on the best supplements, gym equipment and even books that he personally use to improve his physique and achieve mental sharpness. Break through your limitations with SJ's excellent blog.

Chest Sculpting

Getting frustrated with your man boobs? Garry Davidson can help you lose them and build a manly chest. Garry is a nutritionist and fitness instructor. From reading his blog you’ll be able to get first-hand information from an expert who knows how to deliver effective results fast. What makes Garry’s site commendable is his personal stories that he shares through his blog.

Chest Sculpting offers a straightforward approach to melting those fats away from your chest. He also provides recommendations on the perfect diet and the most effective, targeted exercise regimen to achieve a masculine physique.

We love Garry's work and we feel that he is also one of the few people out there in the industry who really have a proper understanding on how the hormone Progesterone works in men, we highly recommend you checkout his posts.

The Men's Health Blog

The Mens Health Blog

The Men’s Health Blog is a straightforward website that covers a broad-spectrum of health-related topics, issues and interests specific to men. From hair loss and relationships to fitness and nutrition, this website is probably one of the most comprehensive sites and covers all the information a modern man in todays world would need.

This site isn’t about just weight loss and fitness which most other men’s websites focus on. Their Men’s Health Section offers a complete source of information on the various disorders and diseases that are common to men such as prostate cancer, sexual health, mental disorders and many more. We especially want to recommend this site to new readers concerning men's health, great blog!

Fitness Edge is a website specifically focused on the use of antioxidants, HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) protocols, lipotropics and HGH (human growth hormone) therapy to help you lose weight and achieve a healthy and fit body.

If you are interested in knowing more about these weight loss methods, provides a comprehensive, detailed explanation on each of these methods. The blog section also provides useful and informative content about muscle building, weight loss and fitness through use of amino acids, lipotropic diet and antioxidants. Overall, the website is straightforward, with fresh and quality content on these more advanced weight loss methods.

Gynecomastia MD

Are you frustrated with your ‘unmanly’ breast? Want to have them flat and muscular? Dr. Mordcai Blau provides specialized solutions for men experiencing Gynecomastia, an enlargement of the breast due to hormonal imbalance. Also commonly called, man boobs.

What’s interesting is that you’ll learn the different types of Gynecomastia and the various treatment options available that is suited for you. The website is very informative, containing well researched information you need to know about if you have problems with enlarged breasts.

TRT Guide

TRT Guide is not just another blog about testosterone boosters, it is a blog for men who want to change their life. It’s a one-stop shop for news and information on bringing your hormone into balance again.

Part of their goal is to provide the latest information about testosterone, the benefits of testosterone replacement therapy and much more. The site is also filled with recommended books, apps and lab tests resources to help you interpret your results. If you are on TRT this blog is a must!

Pure Mens Health

Pure Mens Health features the finest natural products that can help you attain optimal health. The website is rich with useful information on weight loss, sexual health, hair loss, beauty and general mens health. These are many of the most common issues that modern men face today.

The site also features a section ‘Supplements to Get Ripped’, which covers the author’s recommended supplements to be taken for 30 days for maximum results. Pure Mens Health focuses on finding the latest health products designed to help men, both young and old. Be sure to check back on this site for regular updates.

Post Cycle Therapy

After completing an anabolic steroid cycle, it is time to approach post cycle therapy, also known as PCT. offers very useful information and insights on how to keep the muscles you gained during your steroids cycle and prevent post cycle crash. This website is unique in it's focus on PCT.

The site features guides on how to use SERMs, information on aromatase inhibitors and the use of Clomid for PCT. You’ll also learn more about the various supplements you can use while on Post Cycle Therapy to ensure consistent testosterone production. The website is best for steroid users and those who are interested to bulk up and achieve a masculine physique using prohormones.

Supplement HQ

If you are searching for reviews on the hottest men’s supplements on the market, the best place to visit is SupplementHQ. It is full of supplement guides and reviews for getting huge and bulking up. The site’s mission is to help you achieve massive aesthetic look accompanied by functional strength.

Also part of the site is a section about smart supplements or ‘nootropics’, one of the most popular supplement types to enhance cognitive function. Supplement HQ suggests safe and effective smart pills that will benefit you for optimal brain function and performance.

Other sections include Rankings, which features lists of top supplements for boosting testosterone, pre-work out, thermogenics and many more. If you are interested in supplements, this blog is a treasure trove of information.

HGH Science

HGH Science author Micheal Shaw is an expert on HGH (Human Growth Hormone). His website is packed with everything you want to know about HGH. Whether you are a man or a woman, HGH products can help you reach your peak performance in all areas of life. The website feature several comprehensive product reviews about different HGH supplements such as GenF20 Plus, HyperGH 14X, GHAdvanced+, GenFX and Syntropin.

Its knowledge base is also rich in information and news about the benefits of HGH use for women and for body building. There are few blogs out there that offer good information on HGH, we think HGH Science is one of the best!

Low Testosterone Expert

Low Testosterone Expert

Have you done a blood test and been diagnosed by your doctor that you have hypogonadism or low testosterone? What are the options available for treating it? Low Testosterone Expert helps educate readers about low testosterone – treatment options, costs, natural testosterone boosters and much more.

This is one of the best and most comprehensive website that discusses various concerns and issues regarding testosterone deficiency. It also features extensive product reviews on the best testosterone boosters available on the market, such as Prime Male and Testofuel. Aside from that, there is also individual reviews and information on testosterone boosting ingredients such as D-Aspartic acid, Panax Ginseng, Licorice root, Saw Palmetto and many more.

What we at Anabolic Health especially like about this blog is the large amount of information on little known botanical herbs that can affect testosterone such as Banaba Leaf, Arkarkara Root, Rhaponticum, Massularia Acuminata, Pedalium Murex, Basella Alba, Paederia Foetida and Bryonia Laciniosa.

Ron Males

Sports performance enhancement specialist Ron Males shares his vast knowledge about sports and sexual health on his personal blog. Ron has searched and researched various male enhancement pills and found lots of misinformation concerning them. To help educate men seeking the best male enhancement products, he decided to create this website.

The section on product reviews features various testosterone boosters, male enhancement pills, energy boosters and much more. We feel like Ron is a reliable source on the topic of male enhancement and highly recommend his blog for readers interested in increasing their sexual performance.

Increase Testosterone

If you want to increase your testosterone levels naturally, this website is the ideal site to visit. You can download a report on how to increase your T levels without taking shady supplements or medications. We reviewed the report and it is more comprehensive compared to many books on the subject. Furthermore, the author introduces the Testosterone Book, an in-depth researched book on the many ways to increase testosterone naturally.

The website is full of product reviews on what really works and on products proven by science. In addition, the Blog Section is vast in information, covering extensively the science behind increasing T levels through exercise, diet, and much more. There are few sources of information on boosting testosterone naturally, this blog is one of the best!

Paleo Edge

Known sports nutritionist Alex Swanson shares his knowledge on epigenomics and nutrigenomics on his sports nutrition website Paleo Edge. Paleo Edge contains useful tips and information about sports nutrition, fitness, organic foods and much more.

It's Blog Section is highly comprehensive, also covering many less known aspects of health such as mental health and social relationships. The PaleoEdge Store features electrolyte drinks, adaptogens, protein bars, multivitamins, pain relievers, books and much more. There’s plenty of items you can browse over in the store which goes perfect with living a paleo lifestyle.

No time to cook? No problem. Paleo Edge Meal Delivery Service offers a meal plan service that allows you to get your meals delivered already prepared, all suitable for eating on a paleo diet. We highly recommend Alex's website Paleo Edge!

Slow Food Nation

Health experts agree that superfoods can help boost immunity, protect the body from chronic disease and provide support to the mind during times of stress. If you are searching for a website that emphasizes building health through the use of superfoods and herbs, Slow Food Nation is one of the best!

The website highlights various superfoods, their benefits and how they work in different body systems. Popular superfoods such as Matcha tea, Panax Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba, Bee Pollen, Wheatgrass and many more are covered on this blog.

Aside from superfood supplements, nootropics or brain boosters are also featured on Slow Food Nation. Nootropics are gaining huge popularity nowadays as they help boost memory, enhance intelligence and improve brainpower for optimal performance.

Supplement Geek

If you are on a search for things such as anti-aging supplements, natural weight loss pills or supplements to treat your diabetes, Supplement Geek covers it all. Author Joe Cannon has been studying the supplement industry for the past 15 years, naming himself a ‘geek’ in the industry. Joe authored several highly recommended books about personal training, supplements and nutrition.

Joe’s reviews on supplements go beyond the standard. His reviews are comprehensive, highly detailed and honest so you’ll definitely learn the pros and cons of each product. With new posts published from time to time, you will always have fresh content on the best supplements when subscribing to Supplement Geek.

Paleo Hacks

Do you want to be a Paleo hacker? Paleohacks isn’t just an ordinary site for recipes and food, it’s a large community on paleo nutrition. Perfect for people who are looking for new recipes, ways to stay fit, getting healthier or just share an interest in all things paleo. Paleohacks lets you connect with other people who are on the same path of learning how to eat, move and live better.

Paleohacks is full of information about the Paleo diet, their colorful images and infographics makes for lots of enjoyable and interesting content. Aside from the health, fitness and diet tips frequently posted, the Discussion section is very interesting and aims to make you a part of the community. This is one of the best Paleo communities out there!

Natural Health 365

Jonathan Landsman is the host and author of Natural Health 365. His website covers various topics concerning  health, fitness, nutrition and wellness. If you’re looking for a place that shares the freshest news about health, this website is the site to follow.

Jonathan also has daily podcasts, a weekly health show and a monthly newsletter about natural health and healing. We enjoy reading Jonathan's blog for the vast amount of topics it covers, highly recommended!

Prevent Disease is your one-stop website for everything you want to know about natural living, fitness, health and diving deeper into your consciousness. This website is one of the best sources of information when you are searching for the most recent, reputable and accurate health information and news on the Internet. features a long list of health tools that can help compute your body composition, weight, fitness parameters and much more.

The website also features tips and guidelines on prevention of things such as the flu and obesity. Overall, this website is great and worth-following if you want to get ahead on the latest news concerning health and fitness.


With so many great blogs out there, there is not enough time to cover them all. Finding a blog with truthful information that you also enjoy reading can be a difficult task. We hope this list provided you with lots of value and many great reading experiences.

What are your favorite blogs to optimize your performance? 

Alex Eriksson (Research Analysis)

Alex Eriksson is the founder of Anabolic Health, a men’s health blog dedicated to providing honest and research-backed advice for optimal male hormonal health. Anabolic Health aspires to become a trusted resource where men can come and learn how to fix their hormonal problems naturally, without pharmaceuticals.

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