How to Inject Testosterone in Buttocks (Glute Injection) – Step by Step

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​Testosterone levels can be increased via TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) injections. The glute injection sites for testosterone are perfect for delivering the hormone for easy injection and maximum absorption.

Where Do I Inject Testosterone?

You can’t just inject testosterone into your body anywhere. There is the issues of rate of absorption and safe administration. The best places to inject testosterone is by intramuscular injection in the thighs and the glutes.

Taking testosterone via glute injection sites for testosterone is an effective and safe way of injecting the hormone. We recommend this for beginners

Where to Inject Testosterone in the Glute?

Safety means knowing where to inject testosterone in glute. Visually divide each butt cheek into 4 equal areas. Your sites for injecting testosterone will be the outer, upper quarter, on the left cheek, and the right cheek. These are the best places to inject testosterone in the buttocks.

Glute Injection

How to Inject Testosterone in Glute

Prepare your materials for the glute shot. You will need:

  • 21 (thicker than 23) gauge x 1.5 inches long needle, for drawing testosterone from the vial​
  • 2.5 ml syringe
  • 23 gauge needle (thinner) 1.25 inches long needle, for injecting into the glutes
  • Alcohol swabs

Before you do anything to your glute, you must clean the gluteal injection area first. Otherwise any dirt, grease, and microorganisms, can enter gluteal injection sites along with the needle during insertion. This can potentially cause irritation and infection. Also, wash your hands even if you will be using gloves for the procedure.

How to inject:​

  1. Wipe the top of the vial with a alcohol swab to sanitize. Some people heat the vial or ampule a little to thin out the testosterone-containing liquid. This is done by placing the vial in a cup of finger warm water for a few minutes, which will make the liquid easier to draw up from inside the vial. Some people report less pain and easier injection with a thinner liquid.​
  2. Draw up the liquid using the 21 gauge needle:

    (from the vial)
    a. Pull the plunger of the syringe back until it reaches the mark that indicates the amount prescribed by your doctor to be injecting. For example, if you are supposed to inject 0.5 ml, draw up 0.5 ml of air.
    b. Insert the needle into the vial.
    c. Inject the 0.5 ml of air into the vial.
    d. Invert the vial.
    e. Check that the tip of the needle is fully submerged in the liquid.
    f. Slowly loosen your grip on the plunger and allow the liquid to be passively drawn into the syringe.

    (from an ampule)
    a. Locate the break line on the neck of the ampule.
    b. Break it off.
    c. Insert the needle and siphon off the liquid.
    d. No need to introduce air into the ampule.

    (from multiple containers)
    a. If you are taking testosterone in a mixture, draw up liquid from the vial first. Otherwise, it will be difficult to introduce air into the vial and draw up liquid without contaminating the contents of the vial. This can lead to incorrect dilution and unreliable dosages.

  3. Change the needle into the thinner injection  gauge (23).
  4. Remove any air from the syringe before giving a gluteal shot. Pull the plunger back a little to consolidate any air bubbles. Slowly push until all air has been expelled.
  5. Swab the area where you are going to inject with alcohol.
  6. Hold the testosterone syringe between the thumb and the forefinger, as if holding a dart.
  7. Insert the needle in the middle of the upper outer quadrant of the buttocks (gluteal injection site). Insert the entire length of the needle.
  8. With the other hand, hold the base of the needle steady.
  9. Slowly pull the plunger back (aspirate) to check for blood.
    a. If blood comes up the syringe, you are in the wrong spot. Remove and retry with a new needle.
    b. If no blood comes into the syringe, slowly inject the testosterone liquid.
  10. Slowly pull the syringe out. Press a medi wipe, alcohol swab or cotton ball immediately over the injection site to minimize bleeding.
  11. Massage the site for a few minutes to enhance absorption

How to Inject Testosterone in Thigh

The same procedure applies when injecting in the thigh. Divide the thigh area into 4 areas. The spot will be in the middle of the upper, outer quadrant.

Other Sources of Testosterone

TRT and testosterone injection is not the only way to bring your testosterone levels back into normal ranges. Some foods contain natural compounds that help increase testosterone levels. These compounds either contain precursors for testosterone production or increase the cells sensitivity to testosterone.

Natural testosterone boosting supplements are also another way to increase your testosterone levels naturally. These supplements contain extracts of natural herbs, such as Tongkat Ali, which help boost testosterone production and cellular sensitivity to the hormone.​

A Word of Caution

Always practice safety and proper procedure to avoid any risks. Dosage should always be within your doctors recommendation. Never adjust your dosages without checking with your health care provider. Make sure you keep track of your levels by doing regular blood tests:

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  1. I have been on testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) for over a year and a half. Glute injection is not the preferred method. It requires a 1½ inch needle and is difficult to perform for anyone who has never self-administered before. Even for those who have, there are much better injection sites. The lateral thigh for instance, which was the preferred site recommended to me by my doctor, is much easier to administer, and only requires a 1 inch needle. Also, this changing between needles that is explained in the instructions is completely unnecessary. You can go as low as a 25 gauge needle for drawing the Testosterone Cypionate and injecting it. One needle is all you need. Sure at 25 gauge it might take a little longer to draw but it really is not that much longer. Also, this is something that you are going to be doing on a weekly basis so having options for injection sites is optimal. I use 4 different sites so that I don’t cause any damage to my body: right shoulder, left shoulder, right thigh, and left thigh. Be also careful that if you are injecting into your shoulder muscles that you should never exceed 2.5 milligrams. Most men on TRT will either take 0.5 mL to 1.0 mL.

  2. Hi I am thinking of starting to take a test to help me maintain my strength. I am looking for advise on how much to inject to maintain a good level of strength without going outside the norm and just wondering why you say one should never inject more than 2.5 milligrams into the shoulder and what is a good test level for a 57 year old active man training in martial arts 45 years and weight lifting to complement my sport. I have been through all the stages of natural strength building . I had my last MMA pro fight at 47 and since then every couple of years I feel I am drop in my strength at around one or two percent and I am having to change my training methods accordingly to suit my ageing body. any advise would be greatly appreciated
    kind regards mike

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