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Product Name: Self Decode

Review Date: July 23, 2017

Rating: 5 stars

Summary: If you’ve ever ordered a genetics testing kit online (such as from, shipped your sample back expecting to get actionable results to take control of your health, you're probably going to get disappointment.

Yes, many services might give you adequate findings, but in a manner that is anything but easy to understand, let alone apply to your life. Heck being able to read hieroglyphics won’t even save you here!

Enter, a simple genetics tool that analyzes the raw data from your genetic test, presenting it in an easy to interpret and actionable medium for you to make the appropriate changes to your life. We are talking about personalized healthcare here at it's finest, unlocking the many secrets inside of you that can lead you to perfect health!

Selfdecode how it works

Why All the Excitement Concerning Genetic Testing?

Just a few years ago, genetic testing seemed like future technology only seen in sci-fi movies, something that wouldn’t be available to us mere mortals for the next hundred years or so. Or maybe, only being reserved for the rich or people with known, or at risk, genetic conditions that needed testing to be confirmed.

But luckily, science moves at the speed of light sometimes. And this is for our benefit.

building bases into the double helix

Would you rather sit on the fact of not knowing that your diet might be causing health problems to arise every time you eat?

Would you rather sit on the fact of not knowing that your diet might be  causing health problems to arise every time you eat, eventually leading to potential issues such as diabetes, obesity, celiac disease, estrogen dominance, chronic inflammation and more?

Or would you prefer knowing right now so that you can elicit a change and prevent your genetic weaknesses of ever getting the better of you? Yes sir, that is the power of genetic testing.

But there is much more to genetic testing than discovering your susceptibility to disease, as it is based on the premise that NO TWO BODIES ARE THE SAME.

You could be an identical twin, and though you may be born with almost identical genetic traits, the influence of environmental influencers as you grow can greatly change the outcome you have as an adult.

How about knowing the way your body metabolizes toxins and drugs?

For example, there are people highly sensitive to stimulants (COMT gene differences), that can more easily experience adverse symptoms from caffeine consumption.

While there are others to whom caffeine is like second nature or doesn't even affect them at all. This also boils down to differences in genetics, perhaps at the level of biological enzymes affecting metabolism of certain drugs and substances.

What about your tolerance to alcohol? If you’ve ever wondered why your friends can hold down 12 drinks and you tap out at a measly 3, you likely have low levels of the alcohol dehydrogenase enzymes, which breaks down alcohol more efficiently.

Similarly, would you like to know the potential risk of your offspring having a condition or specific trait? Also how you can prevent it?

We’re talking about if your carrier status for a disease will carry over, as well as the probability of your child having a specific hair color, texture, density or even if you, or him/her, will ever go bald?

Of course, in this case you would also need to analyze the saliva of your partner, because it takes two to make a third!

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​Why SelfDecode Makes You Win at Life

Ok, so you’ve got your 23andme report back from analysis, but can’t make head from toe of the results. Relax, upload your results to, and enjoy your easily digestible reports.

Of particular interest are the “Health Categories” which generates. In a nutshell, these categories assign a rating to you for different topics based on your genetic results obtained from 23andme.

This is a sample of the way it looks:​


Let’s take for example “addiction potential”. Assigned a grade of D-, this signifies that you carry a higher risk than normal of developing addictive tendencies to the substances outlined in this report.

Considering trying a line of coke? Better not, as that one line may turn into a lifelong problem!

Or, if you prefer a condensed version of your health status, generates a report that you can digest in a single read.

This report sums up your dominant genetic traits a presents them individually as specific reports.

In the attached screenshot, you can see the report for Th17 dominance. The report then further outlines factors that promote this state of dominance, or by which you can counteract it (depending on your end goal and what symptoms you would like to address).​


This alone is worth its weight in gold, and is the meat of any analysis. The real stuff you can actually take home and implement into your life to make it better.

Without this type of report, viewing genetic results with a set of genetic codes (SNPs) is likely to be more than a little confusing, and is often what is mostly offered on the market today. Selfdecode makes it simple!

Altogether, checks for over 7000 SNPs (an SNP is simply a snippet of genetic code that we know the meaning of).

Most SNPs are harmless, and will not result in any noticeable genetic changes, but there are a few that can drastically change the way you function.

For example, straight instead of curly hair, changes in disease susceptibility or the way you metabolize certain drugs or estrogens.

How helpful wouldn't it be for your health if you could easily see recommendations for diet, supplementation and lifestyle changes that would me tailored and work perfect for you?

You have undoubtedly at some point in your life, tried to follow a plan of some sort that just did not work; be it diet, exercise or lifestyle plan.

It all boils down to your genetics. This perfectly explains why there is not one that fits all approach to health care, and is the solution to this problem.

SelfDecode Video Demos

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Wrapping Up

Are there other biotech analysis companies out there? You bet. But the problem with them is that they often just give you back non actionable information on a fancy piece of paper. 

The other thing is price. Most of them charge a lot for interpretation of your results, which may make you reconsider the need for analysis altogether. stands yards above the pack in all these regards, as they provide easily readable and implementable data for a lower price, and covers a massive 7000+ (about 8700 to be accurate, with more added frequently) SNPs to take into a wide range of factors and genetic traits.

But that’s not all. If you think has achieved all there is to achieve, you’re wrong.

A newer, even more streamlined website is in the works which aims to coach users through the steps, so that you will be kept accountable to yourself for improving your health. View a demo below:

On a final note, can in addition to 23andme data, also analyze your data from, which is a service that focus on telling you in digestible form your ethnic composition.

Today, you can empower yourself and take your health in your own hands. The future looks bright with services like 23andme and working in tandem!​

Gone are the days when you had to wait for a Physician to recommend you the best solutions to your chronic health problems.

Alex Eriksson (Research Analysis)

Alex Eriksson is the founder of Anabolic Health, a men’s health blog dedicated to providing honest and research-backed advice for optimal male hormonal health. Anabolic Health aspires to become a trusted resource where men can come and learn how to fix their hormonal problems naturally, without pharmaceuticals.

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