Increase Blood Flow to Penis to Last Longer

Are you having troubles with making your erections last longer? Does this make you worry about keeping the fire burning in your relationship, but you don't know what to do and who to talk to? Don't worry. We're here to help you out. We're going to talk about how to increase blood flow to penis, which is a possible solution to your problem.

First, let's discuss...


The Problem

For those who are in a romantic relationship, the inability to sustain an erection can be a serious problem. It might cause you to worry incessantly about your inability to please your partner. This can be made worse if your partner is especially passionate and wants to enjoy sex. 

Erectile problems can create cracks in the relationship. Furthermore, problems with erectile functions may lead to a decrease in self esteem and lower libido (desire for sex).

The first step to finding a solution is knowing the root cause. The reason why you can't seem to get hard as before and erect as long and as much may be because of poor blood flow to your penis. This is because the pathways where blood flows may be congested due to poor lifestyle and food choices.

How can you get back on track?

The benefits do outweigh the costs: a more passionate relationship, more frequent hard and long erections, the feeling of "manliness", and even slightly longer penis size.

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The Solution: Blood Flow

You need to increase blood flow to penis. It may seem simple but it actually requires some effort.

So how do you do it? One basic principle of note lies in increasing nitric oxide.​

Nitric oxide is a vasodilator found in the lining of the blood vessels. This means that it makes the blood vessels relax in order for the pathway to widen and facilitate smoother blood circulation.​

How do you increase nitric oxide and what are the other methods to increase blood flow?​

The Methods to Increase Blood Flow to Penis


Exercise itself is good for you. And one of its major benefits is increasing blood flow through the body.

During any type of workout, the muscles need oxygen in order to function. Since blood is needed to transport oxygen, the heart pumps harder to provide oxygen to the areas that need it most.

As the pressure from the pumping of the heart increases, the endothelium of the arteries releases nitric oxide which then promotes the relaxation of the walls of the vessels, allowing better flow of blood. Research backs this through an experiment with trained and untrained men.​

The two groups were asked to undergo the same amount and duration of training. When they were tested for nitric oxide levels, it was found that this substance was greatly increased during exercise and even at more than double rates for the very trained men.

As already mentioned, any type of exercise will promote nitric oxide release. Resistance training may prove better though, because shorter time is needed and it also promotes higher testosterone levels.​


Eating the right food not only prevents the blockage of blood vessels that impede blood flow as some foods also contain or cause the production of nitric oxide.

What you need to look for are the amino acid L–arginine and also foods that contain L–citrulline. These can be found in some dairy products, meat, nuts, and fruits.

Arginine produces nitric oxide and citrulline at the same time. Citrulline is then converted to arginine and the process is repeated.

Walnuts, pistachios, and other nuts are good examples of food rich in L–arginine. However, remember not to eat too much because these are full of calories.

Other foods also contain nitrate that boost nitric oxide levels.

One of the best sources of nitrate is spinach. No wonder Popeye gets stronger and manlier once he eats spinach!

If you're more into desserts, you can also go for dark chocolate. Cacao or dark chocolate contains epicatechin, which increases nitric oxide production.​

Just don't have too much and go for good quality ones.​



Most times, eating the right foods and following a regular exercise routine could be challenging. This is where taking supplements can be beneficial.

It becomes even more important to take supplements as you age because nitric oxide levels decrease as a person becomes older. However, some supplements like Viagra come with side effects like dizziness, muscular pain, blurring of vision, and, headaches, among others.

Ginseng, Cnidium, and Horny Goat Weed are good herbal supplements that can help increase nitric oxide levels for increase blood flow to the penis. These, except Cnidium, also increase testosterone levels.


A more direct method to increase blood flow to penis is massage. Blood flow involves not just the genital itself but the regions where the blood comes from and goes to as well. The massage must involve the whole penile area.

This means the massage must include your testicles, perineum, and the areas located above the penis itself.

An added benefit is that massage may also lead to a somewhat increase in size of the penis.​

A "Secret" Ingredient

While all these methods and sources are great and all, there may be a time when you need a quick–fix or instant effect erection booster.

​And it's not in the form of the usual rare, complex and expensive item, but a common, cheap and natural food. And that is... beetroot!


While this food has gained popularity for its nitrate content, there is a lack of scientific studies that prove its claims.

There are some studies that found that while it does not enhance blood flow during exercise, it does relax the blood vessels when the heart is at the rested state, allowing for improved blood flow.


Increasing blood flow to penis in men may be the solution to troubles with maintaining erections. Good news is that you can take simple steps to alleviate the problem.

These steps involve regular exercise and eating foods rich in nitric oxide, which both promote blood flow. When these are not enough, a massage and natural herbal supplements may be what you need.

And although these could be sensitive and awkward issues to discuss and deal with, the methods are easy and natural enough to follow. Sticking to them would be the only way to a better sexual performance and a more passionate relationship.​

Alex Eriksson (Research Analysis)

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