Erection Tea: Stronger and Harder Without the Pills

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​In recent years, countless men have faced serious sexual health issues including erection problems. One of the notable natural solutions for erectile dysfunction and other reproductive problems is erection tea.

Penis Enlargement Oil: Permanent Fix or Temporary Solution?

Penis Enlargement Oil Man pulling his boxers and holding a tape measure

There seem to be conflicting views on whether a penis enlargement oil can help those who wish to enhance their size. Truth is, it does work—though it clearly isn’t a magic bullet for all sexual woes.Enlargement oils generally contain ingredients that boost the body’s nitric oxide levels. Nitric oxide makes blood vessels widen, allowing for …

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Penis Atrophy & Shrinkage: Know What You’re Up Against Before It’s Too Late

Penis Atrophy Shrinkage Peny and medical or psychological problem

​Penis atrophy shrinkage is a condition where penis size gets reduced due to factors related to health, lifestyle, and the environment. Many feel uncomfortable talking about penis shrinkage, but it’s important to discuss the matter to understand the risks that come with it. ​What risks? Well, aside from creating problems with sexual function, penis atrophy elevates stress levels and even leads to depression.

Increase Penis Sensitivity: Putting an End to Shame & Frustration

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​Reduced penis sensitivity is a condition where a man has no problems with erectile function and has high sex drive, but does not enjoy sex the way he used to—making it difficult to achieve orgasm. Yes, there are those who endlessly search for ways to increase penis sensitivity. Older people are prone to experience reduced penis sensitivity, but even men in their prime can be affected. Circumcised men (who live without a ridged band) also experience not-so-pleasant changes in this context, with circumcision being associated with reduced penile gratification.

Increase Penis Girth Exercises: Because We All Know Size DOES Matter

Increase Penis Girth Exercises

​Many men have been looking for increase penis girth exercises. Recognizing that size indeed matters, a lot of men search far and wide for ways to increase penis size. ​In this article, we will see take a look at how these exercises work and show the ones that can potentially help with penis enlargement.

Shorten Refractory Period: Dodging Disruptions During Nights of Passion

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​“How to shorten refractory period?” Truth be told, it isn’t a common question – although it’s something you’d want to find the answer to as soon as possible if you wish to remain (or become) a multi-orgasmic male. After an orgasm, the penis becomes soft, a sense of satisfaction is achieved, and any desire for sexual activity is non-existent. This phase is called the male refractory period – a normal post-ejaculation reaction that’s due to the drastic adjustment in hormone levels.

Huge Testicles: Why Bother and What to Do

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If you’re on a path of self-improvement like many other men, you shouldn’t just focus on the size of your penis – the size of your balls (and, by extension, that of your scrotum) matters as well. While the concept may seem weird, there are good reasons why having huge testicles is a must.

How to Naturally Stay Erect Longer Without Pills – Key Advice 2018

how to stay erect longer without pills erect

Erectile dysfunction is not something new to men. It’s a common disorder that many men dread. And who could blame them? It has detrimental effects on one’s sexual life. It may cause you to lose confidence in yourself in the long-run. It’s understandable that many men are looking up information on how to stay erect longer without pills.

No More Morning Wood? 7 Causes & 3 Tips To Wake Up with an Erection

a man with no morning wood problem

It’s perfectly normal to have an erect penis first thing in the morning. But, what if you start waking up in the morning with no morning wood? Does this mean that you have erectile dysfunction? Before you start stressing and worrying, you must first get a few facts straight about your body.

Increase Blood Flow to Penis to Last Longer

increase blood flow to penis to last longer

Are you having troubles with making your erections last longer? Does this make you worry about keeping the fire burning in your relationship, but you don’t know what to do and who to talk to? Don’t worry. We’re here to help you out. We’re going to talk about how to increase blood flow to penis, which is a possible solution to your problem.