How to Milk the Prostate: A Step-by-Step Guide

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How to milk the prostate? Milking your prostate or, in medical circles, the so-called 'prostatic massage' has long been used in the past by urologists for treating prostatitis and chronic pelvic pain syndrome.

The combination of a prostate massage and antibiotics has been found to be effective in the treatment of chronic prostatitis. Aside from its benefits in curing some diseases, a prostate massage can be a pleasurable sexual experience, which is said to be similar to the stimulation of the female’s G-spot.

The resulting orgasm is said to be even more powerful than that of penile stimulation.

Before you proceed…

Make sure that you are free from any disease involving your prostate gland or rectal lining for it presents risks of making your condition worse. Also, finger nails must be trimmed to avoid any form of damage on your rectal lining.

How to Milk the Prostate

Although there is now medication available for these diseases, a combination of a prostate massage and antibiotics has been found effective in the treatment of chronic prostatitis.


How to Milk the Prostate

Before you get started, you have to empty your bladder and bowels. A prostate massage can stimulate bowel movement, which would clearly result to an embarrassing and unsanitary situation for you.

You could do this by yourself or with your partner. Either way, make sure that you use a latex glove or condom for hygienic purposes. To get started…

  1. First, with your gloved finger, lubricate your anus with ample lubricating gel like KY Jelly.
  2. Then, lightly massage your anus and perineum. Breathe slowly and deeply with a conscious effort to relax as much as possible. Doing the massage while you’re tense or nervous could make it a painful experience.
  3. Situate yourself in a prostrated position on a comfortable surface; with your knees bent and touching your chest, torso leaning forward, and forearms rested.
  4. Lubricate the finger that you would use to probe into your anus.
  5. Insert the lubricated finger and gently feel your prostate with lateral and elevating motion. You will know it’s your prostate gland if you feel a small round ball. You should be able to find this with your finger about 2 inches deep into your anus.
  6. Once you have located it, apply a very light pressure using the same lateral and elevating motion for no more than seven seconds. Release the pressure after those few seconds. Be very careful that you do not poke or apply sudden movements to prevent any damage to your rectal lining.
  7. Repeat the previous step for, at least, five times but no more than ten.
  8. You might experience a pleasurable or euphoric sensation, which would then lead to an erection. This is normal and expected. In some cases, you might even experience an orgasm. Just go with the sensation your body experiences but always be wary of your finger injuring your rectal lining.

If you do this right, your penis will leak semen and, hence, the term “milking the prostate.” You will not always orgasm so you shouldn’t be worried about it. As long as you avoid overstimulation of your prostate gland, you won’t be undergoing any painful consequences.

Finally, prostate health and testosterone levels are linked. If you want to boost testosterone levels, you may do so naturally through exercise and eating testosterone boosting food.​

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