Penis Enlargement Oil: The Definitive Guide To Help You Understand How It Works

Mihai Voinea
Medically reviewed by Mihai Voinea Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) — Research analysis by Alex Eriksson

There seem to be conflicting views on whether a penis enlargement oil can help those who wish to enhance their size. Truth is, it does work—though it clearly isn’t a magic bullet for all sexual woes.

Enlargement oils generally contain ingredients that boost the body’s nitric oxide levels. Nitric oxide makes blood vessels widen, allowing for increased blood flow—and as you know, erection is mostly about blood flow.

With a good quality oil, you should get harder, longer, and fuller erections. You’ll achieve better orgasms, have better control when you ejaculate, and alleviate issues like erectile dysfunction.

​Men looking to have a better time in the bedroom are usually pleased with the results they get. However, those aiming for long-term, permanent penis growth mostly get disappointed.

To fully understand whether the penis enlargement oil really works, you’ll have to broaden your knowledge about the ingredients commonly found in such products.

By using pregnenolone cream or pregnenolone supplements, the levels of the compound in the body increases, and this brings about various benefits such as fatigue relief, and delay of the aging process.

​Does It Really Work?

To fully understand why that’s the case, you’ll have to broaden your knowledge about the ingredients commonly found in these products. Herbal penis enlargement oils, for example, usually have ginseng, Ginkgo, and Epimedium.

​Ginseng is scientifically proven to be effective against cardiovascular issues, mainly because of its capacity to induce vasodilation. As you’ve probably guessed, it does this by increasing the body’s nitric oxide production.

The same can be said about Ginkgo and Epimedium, though these ingredients do have differences in the other perks they provide. Even synthetic ingredients such as L-arginine serve the same function.

Arginine, an amino acid, is another vasodilator that effectively improves blood circulation. It’s often used to treat erectile dysfunction and other male sexual issues.

Do those ingredients have any capacity to provide penile enlargement? Actually, they do—with all the blood rushing into the organ, you’ll even see the veins popping out.

​However, as you’d imagine, that increase and improvement only lasts while the ingredients remain in the bloodstream and are able to increase vasodilation. On average, that’s around one to two hours.

Applying the Topicals

​So you’re still interested in penis enlargement oils? Well, why wouldn’t you be—even if their effects are temporary, they’ll still make things much better for you and your partner.

Before we proceed though, let us remind that you shouldn’t be using oils or penis enlargement medicine if you’re not in perfect health. If you’re under medication or have any illnesses, check with your doctor first.

Moving on, the first step to applying these topicals is to give yourself a penis massage. Try to get yourself semi-erect as you massage your organ to increase its surface area.

Sex Couple

Get a pea-size drop of the male enhancement product and apply it all around the shaft, starting from the bottom endand moving towards the base of the glans. Continue to massage your penis until the oil is fully absorbed. 

Now wait until you get a tingling sensation. It’s at this point that you’d notice a change in your penis size—the shaft will get bigger and harder, while the veins become much more pronounced.

Even after your erection fades, you’ll notice that your penis seems longer than usual. That means there’s still an abundance of blood in it and it’ll still have that massive look once you get another hard-on.

At this point, you might have numerous scenarios in your head. Have no worries, we have answered your most common questions.

By using pregnenolone cream or pregnenolone supplements, the levels of the compound in the body increases, and this brings about various benefits such as fatigue relief, and delay of the aging process.

​The Common Questions

​With all the possibilities that come with a bigger penis, you’re probably thinking about certain scenarios—however, we understand that you want to be entirely sure before proceeding with your “increase penis size” plans.

Let us enlighten your curious mind through this brief list of commonly asked questions. As we always say, there’s nothing wrong with asking about the specifics.

Will It Cause Ejaculation Issues?

It won’t cause issues in that department. Also, if your chosen penis massage oilhas L-carnitine in it, you may just get a noticeable increase in semen volume.

Can You Use a Condom With It?

Yes, but it’ll probably become too slippery, increasing the chances that the condom would fall off during sex. If you’re planning to use protection, use less oil to prevent slippage.

Is It Safe for Oral Sex?

While some of these topicals contain artificial flavoring for oral sex, it would be best to refrain from the act. Allergic reactions (such as rashes and itching) are more likely to occur if the oil is ingested.

Are Oils Better Than Pills?

Penis enlargement pills and oils both make the male organ firmer, fuller, and harder—and that’s because they typically rely on the same active ingredients and mechanism of action. They’re essentially the same.

​Will It Trigger Side Effects?

As with anything that you take or apply for the sake of enhancing your sexual performance, there will always be risks involved. Oils may give you a burning sensation, bumps and rashes, as well as blisters.

​Although most of those side effects don’t seem dangerous, have yourself checked if you notice any unusual changes. You might suffer from penile tissue damage if you choose to ignore these issues.

Bottles Of Olive Oil

​Recently Popular Picks

​Thinking of getting yourself a penis enlargement oil? You’ll probably find all sorts of options, and you will come across several heavily marketed ones such as VigRX Oil.

​Should you really invest in the most expensive products right off the bat? Well, we recommend that you try these affordable choices that are becoming increasing popular as of late.

Leech Oil

​Leech oil comes from Hirudomedicinalis (medicinal leech) and contains nitric oxide, anti-collagen, and thrombin—ingredients that help increase blood flow, as well as boost vitality and libido.

Actually, leech oil offers another interesting perk—it enhances the vagina’s responsiveness to stimulation. And just so you know, it can help tighten and enlarge women’s breasts, too.

Sanda Oil

Aside from having a vasodilating effect, sanda oilrejuvenates the male organ’s muscles and nerves. It contains ashwagandha and Vitamin E, which both reduce oxidative stress.

Gingelly Oil

Also known as sesame oil, this can serve as an aphrodisiac aside from improving the body’s response to vasodilation. Aside from that, it can protect your member from bacterial and fungal infections.

olive oil

Olive Oil

​This common kitchen ingredient enhances blood flow and improves resistance against autoimmune diseases. It combats diabetes and inflammation that can cause testosterone imbalance and hypogonadism.

​Good quality oils can help provide relief from sexual dysfunction, as well as improve overall sexual health.

By using pregnenolone cream or pregnenolone supplements, the levels of the compound in the body increases, and this brings about various benefits such as fatigue relief, and delay of the aging process.

​A Worthwhile Choice?

​If you do decide to try these topicals though, at least set the right expectations (again, no permanent changes).

Some say that the best penis enlargement oil products only contain natural ingredients. Truth be told, their effectiveness and worth don’t stem from being all-natural—it’s their potency in increasing blood flow that matters.

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