Increase Testicle Size: How To Do It Naturally and Fast

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The size of a man’s balls is often figuratively referred to in relation to one’s masculinity. But, does this claim have any basis in the literal sense? Well, it turns out that the size of one’s testicles is a significant indicator for a man’s health. Research has shown that reduced testicular volume show a strong correlation to decreased sperm DNA integrity, spermatozoa amount, total sperm count, motile sperm levels, and testosterone serum concentration.

Best Testicle Massage Techniques – Basic & Advanced 2018

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Let’s get straight to the point – giving yourself a testicle massage thrice weekly (at most) should be part of your health routine. Despite being something so simple, it comes with all sorts of perks such as boosting testosterone as well as increasing ejaculate volume and sperm count.