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how to milk the prostate doctor
Aug 26

How to Milk the Prostate: Anatomy & Step-by-Step Guide

How to milk the prostate? Milking your prostate or, in medical circles, the so-called ‘prostatic massage’ has long been used in the past by urologists for treating prostatitis and chronic pelvic pain syndrome. Although there is now medication available for these diseases, a combination of a prostate massage and antibiotics has been found effective in the treatment of chronic prostatitis. Aside from its benefits in curing some diseases, a prostate massage can be a pleasurable sexual experience, which is said to be similar to the stimulation of the female’s G-spot.

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best pheromones for men reviews main
Aug 13

20 Best Pheromones for Men Reviews: Tools to Trigger Attraction in Women

Ever wonder why some men just seem to have this incredible pull? Women seem to get drawn to them even though they aren’t the most attractive guys in the room, nor the richest. Sometimes, it’s because of pheromones. The right male pheromone can turn you from a nobody to the life-of-the-party. We created these best pheromones for men reviews so you’ll know how to choose the best kind for your needs.

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anabolic health top 25 blogs for peak performance header
Aug 08

Top 25 Blogs for Peak Performance

Most of us are living our life completely out of balance. We created this list of top 25 blogs for peak performance to educate our readers about the various natural ways to optimize your body and restore balance. We understand that finding truthful and high quality  information on the Internet can be a challenging task. This list features blogs that we believe are credible and worth following because of the quality and value they provide in their content.

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does masterbation lower testosterone masturbation 2
Jan 22

Does Masterbation Side Effects Lower Testosterone or Does Masturbation Boost Testosterone?

Testosterone and sex drive are inextricably linked. In fact, it is lost or lack of sex drive that often drives men to investigate testosterone and take steps to increase their levels of this vital, masculinizing hormone. So, if testosterone and sex are so closely related, this raises the common question “ Does masterbation lower testosterone or does masturbation boost testosterone ?”. The answer is, thankfully, probably not. But is masturbation bad for you or is masturbating healthy?

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