Butea Superba Review: Increasing DHT With Thailand’s Red Kwao Krua Dang

​Does the term “low testosterone“ sound familiar? Or maybe “low sex drive“? How about having certain “problems“ in the bedroom? Guys, in our Butea Superba review, we will help you take care of these issues.

Do you remember the good old days, when you could sleep just a few hours per night, work or study double shifts, and still see progress from going to the gym?

Or maybe you just haven’t been feeling it in the weight room, or at work, having no drive and focus anymore. Low testosterone can often be to blame and the older we get the less of it we have. But what if we told you there is a simple way of fixing many of the hormonal problems that can come from stress and aging?

Butea Superba, is a plant that has been extensively used to help treat side effects of aging in males. It offers a cheap fix to many of the most common problems such as lack of energy, erectile dysfunction, and poor sex drive. But first...

What Is Testosterone?

A man’s testosterone levels peak during his twenties, and then slowly decline more and more as you age.

Why is testosterone important? Because testosterone is the male hormone in charge of muscle, virility, and strength. Everything that makes you a man stems from the effects of your testosterone.

So, it’s simple- testosterone makes you a stronger man, increases your sex drive and performance and makes you more assertive and dominant.

What Is Butea Superba and Why Take It?

So you may be thinking, why take Butea Superba extract exactly, and how does it increase your testosterone levels?

The answer is simple. Also known as Red Kwao Krua, Butea Superba is an all natural plant. Originating in Thailand, the Butea Superba root has been a staple of Thai traditional medicine, helping men retrieve and increase their virility for centuries.

What makes it amazing is that this herb is backed up by both science and by centuries of eastern tradition. The right Butea Superba dosage helps you achieve amazing anti-aging effects in two ways:

increasing DHT with Red Kwao Krua Dang flower

First, it increases DHT, a metabolite of testosterone which is responsible for much of its mental effects, namely, strengthening your libido, eliminating erectile dysfunction, and giving you that confident, alpha male feeling.

Second, it is also a cAMP phosphodiesterase inhibitor. This inhibition helps in increasing testosterone production in men as has also been seen with Forskolin which increases testosterone in the same way. Traditional usage in Thailand also suggests that Butea Superba is potent in increasing free testosterone levels.

This is blood lab results from a user of Butea Superba root extract we got sent in, and for him it clearly increased free testosterone levels after 3 months of use.

Third, there is even evidence of Butea Superba having anti-estrogenic properties, which basically makes it a perfect supplement for male hormonal health, boh increasing our male hormones as well as minimizing female estrogen.

There is no conclusive evidence of the existence of Butea Superba side effects, and centuries of traditional use in Thailand clearly shows this to be true and the plant to be safe for daily use.

The most common way to improve testosterone levels today is through testosterone replacement therapy, which can come with many side effects such as impotence and hair loss.

On the other hand, there are Butea Superba testimonials, and research, that confirms that this herb can reduce and slow hair loss. This is also one of its traditional uses in Thailand. Butea Superba has also shown potent antidepressant effects in a study on mice subjected to chronic stress.

We recommend the following brand if you want to try and reap the benefits of this potent Thai herbal. Read the Butea Superba capsule review on Amazon and see for yourself.


So there you have it, guys. You read our Butea Superba review and If you’re ready to get your youth back, or just get that extra edge in the bedroom, gym or, honestly, life in general, then this herb is just the thing you need and comes highly recommended.

Butea Superba is one of the few natural supplements that has been proven to effectively increase DHT, something that all men should want to do to feel more manly.

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