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best matcha green tea powder
Jan 09

Best Matcha Green Tea Powder: Burn Fat and Boost Metabolism

Certain plants contain phytoestrogens — natural compounds that have an inhibitory effect on estrogen. As a result, estrogen levels in the bloodstream decline, allowing testosterone to be more prominent. With the rise in testosterone come changes in the body, such as improved metabolism. The best matcha green tea powder can help promote these effects.

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Natural SERM PCT- Rebirth PCT by Black Lion Research ocean
Sep 11

Natural SERM PCT: The Anti-Estrogenic Properties of Edible Seaweed

Estrogen is generally associated with women, but it also plays a role in hormone balance among men. Balancing hormones can be difficult, especially as you grow older or for bodybuilders who are using steroids. After a steroid cycle, bodybuilders often use a pharmaceutical SERM PCT to bring back natural hormone levels into balance and to avoid estrogenic side effects.

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japanese knotweed supplement flower
Jul 03

Japanese Knotweed Supplements: Best Source of Resveratrol

Japanese Knotweed is a herb traditionally used in oriental medicine in Japan and China as well as Korea. Often also used as an ornamental plant in gardens in the US and UK, a Japanese Knotweed supplement offers many health benefits. The most useful part of the plant is the root which is usually used dried in powder form in many Japanese knotweed supplements.

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